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  1. Hi there. I wonder if anyone has had the same problem.... I had an account with Barclays which I had a high overdraft on due to being a single mum I was unable eventually to maintain it. When Barclays changed their OD charges, I was paying huge amounts every month. I went into the branch and explained my situation and after some phone calls, I was advised the account would be closed and debt written off. I was advised that I would probably receive some debt collectors letters but I was not to worry too much as this should stop after one year. I occasionally recei
  2. Hi everyone I would be grateful for some advice on my Halifax mortgage. Approximatly 3 years ago I first started having problems with meeting my repayment mortgage monthly payment (various reasons including pay cut, relationship breakdown etc). I contacted Halifax and they agreed to switch me to a interest only repayment indefinately. I also received a letter confirming this arranagement which did not state any end date on it. Then about a year ago I received a letter stating that they were now going to switch it back to a repayment mortgage. I called them and was advised that they h
  3. oh thank you very much for all the info Gbarbm. very much appreciated. x
  4. hi everyone im just renewing my tax credits and would like a bit of advice please. im NOT self employed and i dont have a company car but i do wear a uniform and drive to work. i have a few questions id like advice on:- 1) on the "work expenses" part - am i able to deduct a reasonable amount for the cost of petrol to n fro work? or am i only allowed to do this if its a company car? 2) am i able to deduct the cost of dry cleaning my uniform? 3) i pay into a salary sacrfice pension - as its a company pension - am i NOT allowed to deduct this from my total gross earned?
  5. Hi AJS, Just wondered if you had heard anything more from m&s and any accompany DCA lately? As you know, my m&s story pretty similar to yours. last time i heard anything was march 2012 by one of their many DCAs! After sending DCA very pert letter to say the least! - well lets just say I dont want to tempt fate - but still waiting for a reply - But definately not holding my breath!!! LOL! Im wondering inlight og santandar court case - maybe just maybe - they may be seeing the light?!
  6. hi caz if you tell swinton you want a copy of that telephone conversation when you told them "NO" that should work. if not, then follow my story from rebels link above. you should not have to pay anything - not even the £50 as they will try to say "its in terms n conditions" rubbish!! threaten FSA etc. good luck! let me know!
  7. http://whatconsumer.co.uk/cooling-off-and-cancellations/ scroll down this link to "financial products and svcs" which includes insurance. http://shared_oft/business_leaflets/consumer_credit/oft140.pdf scroll to page 8 headed "Variation of agreements" think this is relevant too! hopefully this info might help some of you out there getting XXXXXX by insurance companies!
  8. Hi Rebel and Uncle! Thx again for swift . Just a quick update - after calling the customer services complaint team yesterday (and a quick call to the fsa first!) - the advisor started to spout terms and conditions etc and I advised him that I knew my rights and that i had already contacted the fsa before calling him! anyway, i wasnt expecting any solution until earliest monday - well he called me back just now and said he had spoken the branch and agreed to waive ALL CHARGES!!!! must admit - i was expecting a fight on my hands - so pleasantly surprised by this sudden swift turnaround!
  9. Thank you Rebel for swift reply. I am going to do the complaint letter. however, i would also like to have some extra ammunition up my sleeve!! I am thinking along the lines of unenforceable credit agreement as i know a bit on this subject anyway and i dont think it can hurt to have a bit more adverse info on swintons!!!
  10. Hi everyone. My car ins was with Swinton & despite me telling them on the phone a month before renewal - that they should just send me the quote & if I wanted it - I would call them back - I didn't call them. I renewed with another company and then received a text on sun 27.5.12 from Swinton saying "thx for renewing with us!" As Swinton doesnt open Sundays - couldnt call until monday. I was then assurred by Swinton that I would not incurr a charge as long as I sent them copy of my new insurance to prove I had not used Swinton for that one day! The following day I received let
  11. wow! only just read this mystery1 - this is brilliant news. thx for the tip. x
  12. hi there tried to download you toolbar (no money but wanted to help) - but it wouldnt let me!! maybe make it bit simple for those of us (me!!) who are not that PC savey!
  13. Hi SFU, thx for reading it - ill special deliver it tomor. And as for their family - oh my - what an extended family these DCA seem to have!! (worse than the Waltons!!- showing my age now!). I know they wont give up easily, but i refuse to be scared by their bullying anymore!!! As always SFU - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! :hail: LOL! got bit carried away with the smilies!! they so good!!
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