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  1. Thankyou! Weve just been onto Microsoft and theyve sent us a postage label to send off just the controller and they will send us a replacement free of charge. Perfect!
  2. Thanks for the quick answer ^_^ I did consider that as a possiblity as I have enough space on an external HDD to cover all of his used space. Unfortunately when ive been looking at guides it seems theres no official way of doing this. Most guides show to make a backup (this Xbox is the newer type without the removable HDD) would actually require having the Xbox modded which would remove his ability to use the online service. Im not techy savvy enough to go messing with firmware. The memory cards Microsoft provide can only save games and small amounts of content which means his profiles and
  3. Hi all, Having a bit of difficulty with Amazon. Partner bought one of the new generation Xbox 360's to replace his old console that RROD'd out of warranty. We transferred his saved games from the old HDD onto the new console and the old one was recycled. About 6 months on and the console is still running perfectly, no problems at all (despite heavy duty Skyrim obsession!) but the included black controller has developed a fault. It keeps switching itself off randomly during play whether it is using batteries (tried plenty of fresh ones) or attatched to the USB cord. Very annoying.
  4. Thought it best that I post this in as many places as possible as the info itself doesnt seem to have been given out much. Basically the Lush UK site was hacked, customers details have been taken and used fraudulently. Lush were aware of attacks over the Christmas period but only told us about it this morning via their forum and then via email this afternoon. The affected dates are between October 4th 2010 and today. If you ordered anything in that time or know someone who did tell them, check your account and consider taking preempive action with your bank. Various fansites and forums are
  5. Being Fippled (purpled?) can be a painful experience. So... I think Im getting the general layman's gist of the suggestions. A - There may be no contract to enforce because 1, the listing was a classified ad and 2, the 'best offer' could fall under the non binding bid policy. B - Should there be opposing beliefs that there is a contract the buyer still was covered in withdrawal because of some discrepancies in the listing. Theres also some issues with mitigating losses in that the seller has refused the OPs offer and persisted in what could be seen as harassment. Could I also
  6. Hope this is the right forum for this. OH and I are having quite a lot of problems currently with his phone which is on an O2 monthly contract. Its a Palm Pre, gotten as an upgrade in Feburary this year. Unfortunately its broken. The phone is basically a large screen with a centralised control button and the front slides up to show a qwerty. As he pressed the control button the screen cracked and spiderwebbed from the button point. We were pretty astonished how easily it broke and contacted O2 about possible repairs. A quick google confirmed that we werent the first case of thi
  7. Apologies for not explaining earlier. 'Fipple' was an eBay member who posted quite regularly on the Q+A using very long quotes from webpages full of legal details. Normally it would be repeatedly quoting sections of legal text, usually the Enterprise Act or the EU directive, in an attempt to prove that there was no such thing as a private seller, every seller was a 'trader' and the DSR's applied to every sale. Regardless of the validity of any contents, the appearance of this poster or the pasting of large sections of text became known as 'fippling' and having this poster give advice re
  8. Hey! Im a naewbie to the site but thought this may have some impact: Non-binding bid policy Motors such as the car you've bid on are covered by the non binding bid policy which means there is no formal contract for him to enfore via the courts. Just a thought, the others here would know the system better than I but I hope this helps ^_^
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