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  1. could this not be classed as unfair relations ?
  2. hi all its my first time i have used the site so be gental with me i dont now were to start but hear i go back in 1999 i was charged o/d fees i made a complaint to barclays to refund the charges and i then asked for then to send out documents in which they did since the complaint i had not recived a responce and as this went on it past my mind untill it came to light in the press i rang them up and they had said it had been put on hold i then chased this up again and they said they could not find the account detais and said this coplaint had now been closed i went to the branch with th
  3. hi i am new to this site and hope this is posted in the right place i have won my case for ppi and the bank has said it will repay my refund in to the account however i dont hold that account as it was sent or sold to a debt collection agencey i have repaid in full this debt on the 28th of july 2010 my worrie is that they hold my account and this has been repaid in full so i dont hold this account anymore and the bank say they will refund this account i do have a credit card that is conected to this bank and its over the limit and due to finacal problems its in a repayment plan if
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