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  1. What a load of ****. their system, like any other system built since the dawn of time, will only do what it's told to do. I think we'll see a lot more of this soon.
  2. There's no way this can be enforced accurately. it's going to be one big pain for them from which I doubt they recover anything.
  3. DO NOT UPGRADE. WINDOWS 10 UPGRADE IS TOO UNSTABLE. I'm in the IT techy game and I've yet to hear of one successful upgrade. preinstalled is OK, but the upgrades will cause problems.
  4. OMG can't believe what I just read. Personally, I'd stop paying them ask for a CCA. The rules changed in April 2007 that they need to provide one to make it enforceable. It doesn't wipe it out, but it'll give you a lot of breathing space. It doesn't matter how much they jump up and down and threaten , they need to produce one!
  5. I've bought 2 copies of the film I'm accused of downloading and have the receipt to prove it!!! Why would I want to download it again!!! Just shows how crappy their information is.
  6. Credit security must be the flavour of the month. After a nr 6 month silence they've come through to me as well.
  7. I'm surprised no one has replied to this. What have Lloyds sent you and you sent them. Put as much detail in your response as poss so people can help
  8. The choice of language is a lot to be desired as well. I certainly didn't use the words "applied" and certainly didn't express poverty either.
  9. I don't expect them to roll over and play dead but having supplied the incomplete statements that show no transactions going in but plenty going out and CCA I now have to defend this. case number XXX: Your complaint about Lloyds TSB Bank Plc This section of the form is for the adjudicator at the Financial Ombudsman Service to complete where appropriate - adding comments or referring to documents of particular relevance to the case. adjudicator’s notes _ Mr Hardboiled has said he does not feel that the debt is enforceable because Lloyds TSB had not provided him a copy of the signed credit agreement. Lloyds TSB’s letter dated 26 October 2010 explained that it was unable to provide Mr Hardboiled with copies of the credit agreements due to the length of time that has passed since the accounts were opened. Lloyds TSB was only obligated to keep the documents for six years. Mr Hardboiled has confirmed that he applied for and had the benefit of the funds from the loan and the overdraft facility. Lloyds TSB is entitled to hold Mr Hardboiled liable for the balance and take reasonable steps to recover the debt, which includes passing the account to an external collection agent. Lloyds TSB has confirmed that Mr Hardboiled can contact the collection agents to arrange an interest free repayment plan. If Mr Hardboiled is experiencing financial difficulties then he may wish to contact and make use of a non fee charging debt management agency which might be able to assist in making repayment proposals. Mr Hardboiled has also mentioned that he feels that the loan and the associated payment protection insurance were mis-sold. Lloyds TSB needs to be given an opportunity to answer these complaints. Mr Hardboiled should raise his concerns with Lloyds TSB directly before the ombudsman service can investigate this issue. How we decide complaints • We are completely independent- and we make up our mind based on the facts of each individual case. When we have looked at a complaint and weighed up all the facts, we may decide either that the business you are complaining about acted wrongly and you have lost out as a result- or that it has done nothing wrong and it treated you fairly. • If you do not accept my conclusion, you can ask for a review. This can involve - at the last stage — a final decision by one of our ombudsmen. To ask for a review of your case, please use the card enclosed with this form. for more information about how the Financial Ombudsman Service works • Please see our consumer factsheet “how we deal with your case" — available from the publications section of our website at http://www.financial—ombudsman.org.uk The 6 years thing is absolute rubbish. It's not covered by the data protection act and 6 years from what I can see is the minimum NOT the maximum. and that's for Inland revenue purposes which from what I've read have now been reduced to 3 years ( unless someone wants correct me ) Can anyone help ?
  10. All the letters in this thread are coming off a conveyor belt. I've had the same ones too.
  11. I don't understand why they are being so bloody minded. Are they share holds of these banks?? so much for consumer law eh!
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