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  1. Completely and utterly wrong. If the footage is filmed in public, it can be transmitted on television without consent of the persons filmed unless their is a court case pending in which the footage will be used as evidence as it is then sub judicial. That is precicely why people on the likes of roadwars can do nothing about being filmed and it appearing on television. What do you think, when the camera stops filming they write to the motorist seeking their permission to show their dreadful driving on Sky 3? It is also why the footage is shown AFTER they have been convicted. Not that
  2. No they don't. They sell it to the highest bidding TV company who will gladly broadcast it as it was 'filmed in public' so the poor sods filmed in it have absolutely no say-so in the decision to put them on TV or not.
  3. Am I looking at the same photogarph? What is confusing about the signage? It very clearly says no waiting at the time and place that you were parked. Just because you can buy a ticket, doesn't mean that you should! There is a car park near me that has the barrier closed at night. You could still climb over the barrier and buy a ticket. It also wouldn't be any use.
  4. This was another knowledgable pillar of the society in a uniform, who knew they were right and the film maker was wrong. Only problem is he wqs right and they were wrong. Watch this video and pay particular attention to the WPC and how certain she is that it is an offence and how determined she is to make something out of nothing. I would get the right hump if I appeared on road wars or police interceptors, just so they can become TV stars using the old 'he is filming in a public place' excuse, so I have zero sympathy for any police or council employee when they are then filmed in a
  5. I did have. I had all the enthusiam in me killed off by my wife's lack of support, encouragement and her actual obstruction over the last 10 years. I mentiond above that she wouldn't answer the business phone which meant I missed calls as I was unable to reach it in time - people don't leave messages these days, they just shop elsewhere. I started a small ebay company and had couriers bringing m,y supplies to the house as well as others collecting. deliveries were frequently not completed because again she would not answer the door, meaning a card left and no goods, which meant I couldn't
  6. Well, we have been there and done that. Last year my wife had to go abroad for a funeral. She stayed for two weeks with family and so I tried just that. My son made his own meals (pot noodles basically) and by the end of the week there was a huge pile of his dishes and glasses. Having run out of dishes etc, he would then rince one for immediate use and then put it back in the 'pending' pile until the next time. When his clothes ran out, he would either wear them dirty or just moap around in a towel or dressing gown. I know I come from a different generation, but I am not asking for
  7. Oddly enough, that is exactly what I said last night. I really have had enough.
  8. Ths sign clearly says no waiting (at the time and day) where you parked, thus the ticket is on that point valid.
  9. Thanks for the input both of you. Having a quiet chat with my wife is not an option. I don't think you understand the level of underming I am talking about. Yesterdays incident, as far as she is concerned, is because my son is being lazy 'like you', in her eyes I should be the breadwinner. A little difficult if you are self employed and get no support at all from your wife. Even to the point of when the phone did ring, she will not answer it. It is also difficult as most in this section will know, to get jobs elsewhere as most companies - whether we like it or not - do not want to employ
  10. Hello all I am new to the forum and hope that someone can lend me a shoulder to snivel on for a few minutes. I am truly getting to the end of my will to live and I will explain why. I must stress that I am NOT suicidal, just at the point where I think a weaker person could end it all. I am a married man of 48. I have been married for 21 years this year. I have one child, a son of 17. I have varuous diabilities, mainly arthritis of my back but I also have had surgery on my right arm last year, am partially deaf in one ear, now have siatica in my right leg and I also have Aspergers sy
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