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  1. Hi UncleB We are always in the UK. Will be in an airbnb for the next month and a half, then back in our RV when the baby is born. I am a bit wary of writing to them, what if they try and get us to admit liability - can they do that ?
  2. Thanks UncleB We don't actually have an address at the moment, we use the relatives as correspondence. We move around alot and have just come back to the area to have our baby, and then we will be off again. Should I continue using the relative as correspondence ?
  3. It is just a normal SWW bill, as if we still live there or own it. MAybe they are just trying it on !
  4. Thank you dx I guess they have just kept rolling the amounts over and over, and then said it is for this bill period. Which surely is not legal in of itself.
  5. Thank you dx I am mildly freaking out, just cos I am 8 months pregnant, and don't want to be dealing with these numpties again. At the time it was all happening, we offered them £480 which was the amount for a year before the metre was fitted and tehy refused. We told them we would contact the ombudsman (never did), and to not contact us again. Just so peed off that they have decided all these year later to chase us Should we ignore, or write 'Not know at this address' and post back to them ?
  6. We owned a property which was sold 2 years ago. The property was a rental, and we lived in it for about 1 year whilst renovating, then after that it was empty as the mortgage company refused to allow us to rent it. During the year we lived there SWW asked if we would like to reduce our bill by changing to a metre, so we said sure why not. Soon after the normal bill of about £40 a month turned into £400 a month. Turns out we had a leak, they told us it was on our side and we had 30 days to fix it. It took us about 4 months to fix, as the pipe was on the downstairs neighbours property and they would not authorise our plumber to dig their garden up (fair enough, as it was a lovely garden!) Eventually it was done, at a cost of £1000 to us, SWW said because it was not done within 30 days they would not reimburse us. They sent us a bill for £1500 this was 7 years ago. We told them to go away, and that it was ridiculous and we would argue in court with them. We never heard anything else from them, and assumed they had realised how ridiculous they were being. Fast forward 7 years later, and they sent a bill to a relatives address asking for £4000, saying it was for the period of June 2019-October 2019. I just don't know what to do, we don't own the property anymore, and I don't feel that we should have to pay £4000. After we moved out, the property was empty until sold, with the water turned off on our stop cocks. Also this relative is frail and old and if a bailiff turned up she would be so scared (although it is a bill not a summons at this point)
  7. Hello, I am asking this on behalf of a friend who is staying with us at the moment. A bit of background : He has children from a previous relationship and the CSA have been in touch to say he owes them 4 months arrears. He notified them of a new temping job in June and they said the would re-assess him (he had been unemployed previously). He called them again end of July and they said they were still trying to assess him. So this week gone he got a letter from the CSA saying he owes arrears and must pay immediately - he does not dispute this at all. BUT they have assessed him until 2011. He is going to be leaving his job in 1 week and returning to college Full time, he has already given notice to his temp job. He has been saving from the job he had to see him through until the college holidays at which point he will try and get another job. He will be living with myself and partner rent free as the college is only 10 minutes away. So my question is : After he pays off the arrears which he has set aside anyway, will he have to continue paying the rate they assesed him at until 2011 ? This will leave him with no means to go to college. He is returning to FT education to retrain so he can earn a decent wage to support his children.
  8. Hi Pinky69, I have just recieved documents from DG solicitors on behalf of HSBC. There is nothing signed by me, there is a hand filled in credit card request form which has no signature or even date on it and is not in my hand writing. They have enclosed : Current Terms & Conditions Notice of Variation of Terms Historic Terms and Conditions Blank Copy Agreement Form Copy of Statements For my next letter should I use the template that you advised the OP to use ?
  9. Okay does that mean that using a template on this thread would be better ? Sorry to sound a bit dim.
  10. I have been trying to read this thread and am now a bit confused about which letter I should send to DK (Egg Debt Collecters). I was going to go with a CCA and I'm not sure if the version on PAge 1 of this thread is the correct one. Could someone please advise
  11. I think it may be unenforacble because it was taken out in 2004, and they are avoiding sending me the agreement. Thank you for the link I will have a look at it. I really appreciate everyones help .
  12. Thank you. I'll wait it out then as HSBC letter was only 4 weeks ago. Is it legal for DG to take court action against me whilst I am waiting on a response from HSBC ?
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