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  1. Sadly Jez, I doubt your average debt collector can read. If you did it in crayon using simple images.....
  2. Hi I got a Vanquis card a few years ago, and (I say this reluctantly) I've been largely happy with it. For the most part, I used it only when necessary and paid of the balance each month or as soon as possible. I recently started a business and used my card a lot in the initial period to help with start up expenses. I reached near my max of £3000 and stayed there for a couple of months. I've just paid off my balance in full and asked to close the account but have discovered that I am being charged interest on my last months balance, even though it was paid before the due date, and I won't be billed for that until the end of next month. I then have to wait a further month to make sure I have a zero balance before the account is finally closed. I've never come across this before, I closed a cap1 card a while ago, paid off balance and that was that so what are Vanquis playing at? Just had a thought, if I wait for them to bill me will they charge me interest on the interest the following month?
  3. Er Brig its 2013, it became SB in December last year
  4. How did he find you if the change of ownership had not been processed by DVLA?
  5. BiteMe, forgive me if I'm wrong but this sounds like you had no intention of paying for the fuel in the first place. There are constant calls from the debt collection industry, and others, to have CAG and other, similar, sites regulated. When it seems that people are using CAG to avoid paying their debts it gives ammunition to those who would see CAG made toothless.
  6. If its a phone contract then you need to ask for a copy of the service contract, not credit agreement.
  7. You've kept the money and are blaming the delivery company? Its your responsibility to ensure that the buyer received what he's paid for. As Staraker said, you should have refunded your customer first. You might be left out of pocket but that's your problem not the guy you sold to or Paypal.
  8. If they are acting as agents for Lloyd's then there will not be a notice of assignment. How long before it becomes SB ?
  9. File for future reference, go and enjoy your day
  10. Whenever someone says "Welcome", regardless of the context, Miss sold PPI pops into my head. I wonder why
  11. Buy a hampster. You'll, no doubt, receive plenty of cage lining for a while yet. Keep listening to the guys, they'll keep you right. As for phone calls, just say "In writing please" and terminate the call. A recorded phone call can come back and bite you in the proverbial at some future point.
  12. DCA's love to send people to the naughty step. In their world, its the ultimate sanction. Not sure its within OFT guidelines though
  13. Don't get hung up on the default date, its when that last payment or written acknowledgement was made that starts the SB clock. Incidentally, I liked the reply I received from hillsden after informing them an account was SB and therefore extinguished (I live in Scotland) "We have taken a commercial decision not to pursue the mater further"
  14. Hi benjamin It would help if you could give as much info about the alleged debt as possible. Does this show on your credit file, what was the default date, when was the last payment or written acknowledgement? The more info you can give the guys, the better they'll be able to tailor their advice to your particular circumstances.
  15. Andy, whatever happens now that offer is going to be available to you. You can only streangthen your bargaining position from this point on. Please listen to what the guys are advising you. Its in your best interest to make sure that the amount they say you owe is genuine and that there are no unfair charges or miss sold PPI etc. Make them jump through a few hoops by submitting a CCA request if the amount claimed arrises from a loan or CC. The more info you can give the guys, the more they will be able to tailor the advice they offer to your specific situation.
  16. It might not be covered by the CCA'74 but there must be an agreement of some sort with terms and conditions covering this along with your permission for them to process your personal data.
  17. Quick update. I phoned with my decision to remain on IS. Because I'm on IB as well, that is stopping and I'm being switched to ESA for that component of my benifits. I then had to phone carers allowance to inform them that my IB will stop to be told that I have to submit a new claim. If I'd agreed to switch to ESA for the IS component I would not have to do this. What a load of BS
  18. Thanks for the replies, I think I'll stay with IS.
  19. Hi I'm a single parent, disabled and have a disabled daughter. I've just received a letter from Jobcenterplus basically asking if I want to switch from IS to ESA. My IS payment is made up of: Personal Allowance £71.00 Disability Premium £30.35 Carers Premium £32.60 Total £133.06 Less carers allowance £58.45 Total Payable £75.50 ESA Personal allowance £71 Wreg Premium £28.15 Careers Premium £32.60 Total £131.75 Letter doesn't mention the total payable for ESA and goes on to say Carers allowance remains an underlying entitlement for ESA and if I don't contact them I'll automatically be moved to ESA I'm assuming that they want me to think that I'll receive £131.75 if I switch but in reality they will still be subtracting the carers allowance making me £1.31 worse off ? Are there any other Pro's/Cons to switching
  20. OC= Original Creditor, Nationwide in your case. Your in good hands with Brig and dx
  21. I wish people would stop with the "unenforceable". That would be for a judge to decide. Failure to comply with a CCA request can, however, put the account into dispute.
  22. Ha ha ha but I wonder how long it will be before some of those who loose their jobs turn up here seeking advice on how to deal with those nasty DCA's.
  23. Just wanted to blow the trumpet for these guys. A year ago I got a nasty shock when my previous supplier, Scottish Hydro, increased my gas and electric prices by 50%. They claimed I had been informed in 2 letters, which I failed to receive???? I had come to the end of a discounted rate so I immediately switched to Ovo who were cheapest available at that time. I'm coming to the end of my first year with them and they emailed me to let me know my options. After looking around I decided to phone Ovo. It turns out that despite a small increase to my rates my monthly DD will fall by £15 and I will get an nice little refund from the surplus I have paid. I could switch but it would be a tiny saving on another discounted tariff and I have to say, for the first time ever, I'm happy with my current supplier
  24. "distressed and dormant niche portfolio purchasing" = Lemon buying
  25. I'm not saying Nolans would do anything underhand, like getting a judgement by default due to an admin error over addresses or anything like that but it pays to be vigilant.
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