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  1. Hello again, Thanks for the replies. The suggestion to check the gaming history is a good idea but there seems to be a problem... there isn't one! The money seems to have gone into a black hole. No record of any games played. The other thing that puzzles me is that the Debit card has never been issued to their previous address, the account was opened after they moved. I always thought that if the card did not match the address given then the transaction would be rejected. We thought we were doing enough by having the computer in child safety mode and situated in the living room so we can see the screen but obviously this wasn't adequate. The card is usually kept locked in the safe and was only out because my son was planning to pay some money in to the account. We have now closed the Halifax account and it will be passbook only from now on and NO internet access for Grandson.
  2. Hi, my 11 year old Grandson has managed to sign up to an online gaming site for over 18s and £30.00 has gone from his bank account. He has a Visa Electron card with Halifax and, egged on by a 10 year old classmate, entered the details along with their previous address (they moved over 2 and a half years ago). This should have raised questions as the account was opened after they moved. Halifax have refused to do anything and the gaming site, King.com, have blocked his parents messages and will not refund. The money does not appear to be in the gaming account and we can get no explanation as to where it went or what it was used for. The gaming site is based in Malta so we are not sure who to contact over this. My Son (his Dad) is beside himself and cannot believe that it is so easy for a child to sign up for something like this with no security checks. Surely it is illegal to sign up an 11 year old to an over 18s gaming site? I should add that my Grandson has been properly punished for this.
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