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  1. No half of it and that was leaving me with the bare minimum of money we can live on.
  2. Received notice of intent to remove goods for CT for my previous address for over 2 years. After reading threads on here I decided to phone the council to see if they would recall the debt and let me pay them directly but they said no and it was only in exceptional circumstances. Pointed out I'm heavily pregnant, have a toddler, a single parent and on benefits but still the woman wouldn't budge. So I asked her to check the address the reference number was for and told her I was just going to pay it online. So now that part is dealt with... what do I do with Bristow & Suitor? I so
  3. They told him that on Wednesday evening. Partner told them they can't repo if he's paid more than 1/3, the guy "that's right, but you haven't paid more than 1/3." He asked what the figures were, total amount, paid amount, rep told him, partner pointed out that that was over 1/3 only to be told, "no, it's not, it doesn't work like that". Thursday morning when he phoned he was adamant they were taking the car and to remove everything from it, partner again said he'd paid over 1/3 and again was told he was wrong. They said they were phoning back at 4 for payment otherwise the account will go
  4. Credit agreement. http://i1000.photobucket.com/albums/af124/harleigh_2010/ca1.jpg http://i1000.photobucket.com/albums/af124/harleigh_2010/ca2.jpg http://i1000.photobucket.com/albums/af124/harleigh_2010/ca3.jpg http://i1000.photobucket.com/albums/af124/harleigh_2010/ca4.jpg Sorry for having to split it, don't have a scanner.
  5. Seemingly I'm more organised that I thought, it's in the folder with the V5, mots and service book. Just uploading. 2 ticks.
  6. Nope, we've not had a termination notice. We've had one letter re: a £10 for a phone call which we got them to cancel and the DN which I'm about to post. Because they were threatening repo unless the £320 was paid today, that's now been paid but there is still the outstanding amount. Apparently, we can keep to the contractual payments and nothing more will happen but frankly I don't believe them. This morning they phoned and told us to remove everything out the car because if we don't pay today they'll come and get it. They are claiming that 1/3 hasn't been paid off and they could just
  7. Will post the docs in a few minutes and update with our current situation shortly, just about to put the little 'un to bed. Thanks guys.
  8. Ahh, thank you. I'll read that tonight when my kids in bed. Also, thanks for getting the Wombles theme stuck in my head! lol
  9. Haha, yeah, that's a better way. Shall I just send them a postal order for £42.50 with a have a nice day letter? lol
  10. Okay, my plan is... Phone the council tomorrow, get the exact amount I owed, plus court fees, pay them online. Ignore Jacobs unless they come to the door, offer them £42.50 and nothing else, won't let them in, won't leave my windows open, stick my car in the garage out the way (which is maybe best with the current WF issue). Eat beans on toast for the week, buy some cloths and a bottle of disinfectant and cross my fingers.
  11. Lol. Best hope my toddlers tummy bug clears up then so I don't have to buy any more nappies this weekend and she can use her potty... I can cope with beans on toast for the week but between the prepay gas/electric and nappies I'm already looking at £50 outgoing before even buying food. I don't think we have much more than that left.
  12. I don't have a front garden and they back they can't see without climbing my gate and walking down the side of my house, which I assume they can't do legally?
  13. I truly hope so! I will phone the council tomorrow for the exact amount I owed and then pay them that. Then I'll just have to deal with Jacobs, I think they are making their figures up, so I'll be sure to find out exactly what they can charge me for and nothing else.
  14. "From April 1998 you should get a letter from the council telling you how much you owe and warning you that a bailiff will call if you do not pay the debt within 14 days. It will also tell you who to contact at the council if you have a query. Contact the council and try to make an arrangement to pay what you can afford immediately. If the council agrees then they can stop bailiffs being called out and save you extra fees." I never received that. Ugh, I hope the weather stays bad if they can just come in through a window I'm keeping mine firmly closed and locked!
  15. Then again I apologise, I didn't realise I'd said that myself. Tendinitis is what I've told it is, it hurts worse than when I broke it a few years ago and a sick 2st toddler who demands to be carried about is really not helping matters. With her dodgy stomach today and my strapped up wrist it's really not making for fun or easy nappy changes! 8-) Thank you for your help and also to Letsdothis, I'm starting to see this as not as big a deal as it was a few hours and can be easily sorted with the right advice I'm being given here.
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