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  1. sorry no, im still at the Mcol stage waiting to get the funds to procceed. they will give you nothing with regards to letters, you WILL have to take them to court, i'm sure they are rather thick
  2. It means the both "you win" AND nothing more to be done. they lose by default.
  3. i am also claimng all charges to the account, not just redemption.
  4. yer just found it thanks paul
  5. thanks paul, got it, and email reply sent. doing my MCOL now. tough to get it all in with only 1080 allowed. any tips ? or templates
  6. great news paddy thanx, anyone wishing to offer their address for me could PM me, would be great.
  7. I need some help here guys, it seems to file a MCOL i need to have an address in england which will act as my service of papers address, i have email about 15 lawyers regarding acting as my service of papers address none of which said yes, had loads of oh we don't do civil and stuff like that. can anyone stear me in the right direction here or is a anyone a lawyer in england that would act for me. any help would be greatly appreciaited as i am keen to get a claim filed.
  8. yer they have said they are paying nothing and will close my (complaint) lol i need to now raise action in an english court that will persue this on my behalf, so gonna take a wee bit more time i guess. remember im in scotland
  9. Ok letter from Mr Bacon, and i accept what they have stated. could a mod please change the topic name to WON or SETTLED. Thanks.
  10. i would imagine any charges to that account would be too ?
  11. yer well i would, but i live in scotland
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