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  1. Hi sorry to hear your problems m8, I too faced a gross misconduct charge over ambiguos comments put on FB. The problem is that even if your privacy settings are quite tight it is classed as a social networking site and even if one of your m8s comments on any of your status your company can then say because that person doesnt work for your company then he/she is therefore a member of the public, and you are bringing the company into disripute. Apparently an employer is allowed to look at your facebook page or even act on any information if some brown nosed turd decides to stitch you up!!! It really is a nightmare of a place. I have since advised everyone I know to ensure that privacy is set for friends only including photos, and that anyone from work who is not a close m8 is physically put on a block list (that way they cant even read your comments added to a mutual friend) If you have a union it may be worth asking for help, especially if your company doesn't have a clear social networking policy and for any disciplinary they must follow strict company guidlines. It is a very dodgy area at the moment and the law seems to be favouring companies, it seems to be a very easy way for them to cull employees rather than go down their normal disciplinary procedures. But definately get some advice from a free community law centre or the citizens advice. I had the backing of the workforce and threatened to take the company to a tribunal and once sacked proceeded with this action. (this is a very long drawn out process and obviously costs the company money) eventually the problem was resolved and I got my job back (lucky but there is hope) Ensure if they do try and do you for it that they follow their procedures properly. you are protected by employment law because you have been employed for over a year but you will need to look into this, their disciplinary procedures and wether at anytime they have issued any sort of statement regarding social networking sites. Sorry not much help but hope it encourages you not to give up, fight them, dont just give in and assume they are ok to treat you this way and get some free legal adice
  2. Not BA no, and can not mention who (see even now I do not mention lol) Will say in transportation though
  3. Update: I have been given a Hearing next week. Bringing Company into disrepute Acts of Incitement failure to follow procedures Serious breach of trust and confidence breaches of confidentiality, predudicial to the interests of the company They definately want me out, I got a meeting with the Union Monday, doent look good though. All this from FB comments that didn't even mention the Company or any Managers name They even implying that my friends who responded to them are members of the public!!! what a joke, and a Manager even said he just put my name into the search engine and was able to read all my posts LIES LIES LIES, there is absolutely no way he could have done that at all I have never had my settings to "Everyone", he got in through a mates account I reckon, but how cant any of that be proved!!! Oh well I best put the flat up for sale and look for a job
  4. I am not asking for Sympathy just advice, and because I support the current ongoing industrial action does not mean I am a communist Boss hating militant, and as you are not aware with what thats over to generalize just shows the mentality of some people today. If it was not for people fighting for their rights we wouldn't have a minimum wage, or even fair wages for all, wouldn't have better pensions, working conditions and lots more. Until you are on the receiving end of some unjustice you probably wont care eh!
  5. Don't work in a school no, that was just what we said when chatting instead of naming company or Manager. I really did not think I was doing anything wrong because I believed I was only chatting to friends, whats annoying though is it would be what I would say at work to friend or even in the pub to mates. Apparently somebody else at work now suspended (witch-hunt). Its just so frustrating, yes I had a moan about them, the way they have acted over certain issues but you wouldn't know I was talking about them if you wasn't my friend or in on the silly little code
  6. I travel on this line 2-3 times a week and to be honest its down to you to touch in and out, Oyster has been out now for ages and everyone knows you have to do this, especially on an open system like the dlr. "In a rush" is not an excuse, it certainly is not the revenue inspectors fault, and how are they to know you did not do on purpose? I am not saying that you did and yes people make mistakes, but I bet this whole scenario will make you remember to do it next time (which is sort of the point ) As for wearing a suit!! thats a ridiculous comment, what people in suits don't bunk off fares or shoplift or commit crime? Only teenagers fare evade? How did you behave when stopped by the way? You obviously did not correct them when they wrote your name down incorrectly! I have seen people ranting and shouting in similar situations, and as soon as that sort of behaviour happens I am afraid any discression that could have been used is soon forgotten. As for comment on gating all stations, I agree It would make things better, but I imagine cost wise to do that, and then to have staff at every station would be vast, mind you tfl could stump up some I suppose just observations
  7. I have been with my current employers for nearly nine years, for the past few years morale at the Company has been at an all time low. The situation has got to the stage where we as employees have been in discussion and balloted for industrial action (of which I am a keen advocate). There are many issues ongoing which has cause a big divide between Management and us in the front line. Because I have been at the company a long while and because I have some influence with newer members of staff I believe I am being targeted. I returned from a holiday (On the Monday) to be given a verbal advice the day I got back for a very petty incident (I was wearing an incorrect name badge) I informed the supervisor that this although not common practice had been perfectly acceptable in the past, and said that I do not accept this and refused to sign. (whilst away the rules re name badge wearing had been changed to state "It had to be your own name"). On the Thursday I was called into a Managers office along with a union rep (which i thought was to discuss the name badge incident) only to be told that I was to have a Q&A with regards Face Book comments I had made since May30th. I know that we are not allowed to be negative or mention our Companies name, and had my settings and friends only for chat, and friends of friends for photos. I therefore assumed only my friends could see any comments and join any discussion. I also at no time mentioned the Company name but ref to them ambiguously as "School" and "Teachers" ect. I was venting my anger and work situations and the way we are treated. I have now been suspended, was told I would be contacted the next day after investigation, and since then told after the week end and then just to standby. I am at a loss at this, I am totally stressed out by the whole episode and feel it is such a cheap shot at getting rid of somebody and replace thenm with a new person who wont argue for their rights ect. I have read articles about the recent thing of people being sacked over FB comments and have spoke to a lawyer online who said they are aloud to investigate employees. He did say that because my comments never mentioned the Company or Managers names it was ambiguos and therefore not serious BUT I am still very worried I may lose my job, I have a mortgage am 43 and would not know where to start if sacked. I feel that my privacy has been invaded (and my friends), I have since learnt that I can block individuals and have culled my friends list, but this doesn't stop me wondering how this was done. The Company say that because its a social networking site the public can view my comments, interpret them, realise who I work for and therefore bring them into disripute which is ridiculous?? Any advice would be helpfull
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