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  1. Its always best to go through your own insurance company for repairs. They claim the money back from the third party's insurance company. YOU get to choose where you want the car repaired you don't need to use their recommended companies. This is your right! The body shop will usually have a car you can use whilst yours is being repaired. May have to book in advance though. Be careful about taking a hire car through other party's insurance as you may have to prove that it was for essential use. The bill could come back to you. You have paid a lot of hard earned cash for your insuran
  2. Had a similar problem. Paid on the day and takes a couple of days to go through. I phoned straight away to be told that the computer has cancelled my interest free period. I stated that this was unfair and that they should use their discretion to reinstate the interest free period. This was done there and then. They also said that I had to pay a late payment fee of £12 but after I argued about this they refunded this on receipt of my payment. You could argue that the way the date seems to change for payment each month is difficult to keep tabs on. It worked in my case. Hindsight is to set
  3. Mental health does seem to be a dirty word for so many health professionals. Mental illness is an illness, full stop. Remember the fact that one in four people will suffer from a mental illness during their life. We do have haver a postcode lottery for care already. In Birmingham, there is ample support and treatment for patients, but only in the south part of the city. In the northern part of Birmingham we are facing cuts and has professionals retire their positions are not being filled. At the moment we do not have a single psychologist for the whole of North Birmingham. The
  4. Hi, I work in a mainstream school and this practice occurs all the time. The management will always try to find a way to cope that suits them. The phrase 'the squeeky wheel always gets the oil' is so true. You need to continually voice your concerns, ask for meetings with the headteacher, feedback from how your daughter is coping etc etc. The school will soon get fed up. They are able to put children on part time hours but they have to have a really valid reason to this. It should not be that 'we don't have the staff'. Schools have large budgets and have the freedom to spend their budget
  5. Hi Thanks for the advice on the ebay matter. Totally agree with you on the need to check till receipts. Have always done it and it seems that one in three receipts are wrong when dealing with the big supermarkets. Sainsburys always seems the worst. It is amazing how these small errors can really leave you out of pocket. Carl
  6. Thanks for the advice Googleymugley. Have contacted ebay and surprisingly they were very helpful. They have recorded my concerns and agree that I had a case not to follow through with the 'sale'. Have now sent him a message informing him of the two options recommended by ebay: 1. cancel the transaction, or 2. enter a case in resolution. I reiterated my reasons and kept away from replying to his threats of legal action. I also stated that I would not communicate any further unless it is through ebay's resolution centre. Thanks again, now lets see what happens next.
  7. Thanks for the advice. This has put me from using ebay completely. I restore classic cars as an hobby so I know what to look out for. I would have bought it if the description was more honest. However, i thought you cheeky git! Not everybody has the same morals.
  8. Hi hope you are coping. I sometimes wonder where some of these so called 'caring staff' come from. They should make every effort to make your stay at hospital as pleasant as possible. It does not matter if you are on a section 3, their duty is to provide care. If you feel that you need to take responsibility for your own Care Plan then they must assist you in this. Make sure that you mention this at your review meetings. The consultant should take this as an indicator of your mental stability and should discuss with the nurse in charge how your request can be dealt with. You can als
  9. This is the message he sent me. Dear carlp1962, This matter is far from "resolu". I have just had dinner with my lawyer, during which we discussed this situation. As it stands these are the facts: The vehicle was described as a "restoration project" which it most definately is. If it only needed some t-cut, or a new interior, it would have been listed as such, and sold for much more. The auction ran for 10 days, timed to go over 2 weekends so that any potential buyers could come and view the car. It was made clear in the listing that if any potential buyers had any questions, they
  10. yes, this is it. First things first: This Sprite will only include the hartop if the bidding goes over £575. If it doesn't, the hardtop will be sold separately. Here is your chance to get yourself a good restoration project Sprite with no reserve! I have had this car for 3 years, originally buying it as a reference to help me put my other one back together (long story, no time for it here). I had intentions to restore this vehicle, but 3 years down the road and I haven't even started it. Rather than let it continue to sit there, I have decided to auction it and let someone else
  11. Thanks for the replies. I am an honest person, so feel bad by not following through with the 'auction'. I knew that the car would be rough and it was going to be a restoration project for me to carry out. The problem is how do you determine a level of restoration? In my opinion, the car would require total restoration as the rot was so extensive. I was also concerned as he is a private lister, but on arrival said that he also ha a Volvo for sale and the previous week had sold a Mini which was in worse condition. Is acceptable to just say 'for restoration', leaving out the severity o
  12. Hi - love the site. I recently bid on a 1966 car (advertised as ideal for restoration). The car was not in mint condition and was advertised as being owned for three years and had been used as a reference for another rebuild. I bid over two days and won at a cost of £560. On going to pay and to see if I could tow the car, I was pretty disgusted at the condition. It was far worse than the pictures displayed. The lower part of the car (sills, floor, suspension joints) were completely rotted away. As I touched parts of the body work piles of rust built up on the floor. The spare parts
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