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  1. Surfer01 I only got a letter saying I was temporary layed of and according uccatt (union) they can do this but have to pay 1 weeks basic wage every 12 weeks
  2. My Work is in construction and its due to lack of work on the company side that they have layed me off In the letter informing me of this they say I should sign on at my local job centre which I didnt do for 3 months Im worried that if I take another job then I will lose all redundacy that I would be entitled to as I would have to get my P45
  3. Hi Im temporary lay off from work and claiming JSA Jobseekers phoned me up yesterday about a temporary job, (not wanting to lose my full time job).I said I`m only temporary layed off, the girl said you have to look for work and that she will make a note of this call Does anyone know what this will mean Also any guidence on what I should have done or said. I`m not a job dodger, just trying to keep my job of 27 years
  4. ErikaPNP Sorry about delay in answering your reply Just to confirm I am claiming contribution - based jobseekers allowance and I CAN claim my holiday pay from my company and dont have to inform them The money would be very helpful right now but dont want to get myself into any kind of trouble I have checked and I do get £65.45 per week.but thanks anyway It was not my intension to ask about fraudulent activity, but i can see how it might have read that way the amount is less than £2000 so well below. But what I ment was if I did ask about claiming something else wou
  5. Thanks Clint1974 & Antone Thats made me feel a lot better I will leave Holiday money alone With the Postion I`m in (temp layed off) have you or anybody any Idea when they will start to turn the screw about me having not found a job I think my company are playing a waiting game and hope I put in for redundacy which will save them a few thousand quid as they dont have a lot of work on Also I have some savings in a ISA account would you have any advice on what to do with it there`s not that much in there but it has stopped me trying to claim anything else that I might be ent
  6. Hi All Ive just found this fantastic site after months of very little information and worry Ive been temp layed off from my job in construction since start of march from a company Ive been with for 27 years As I didnt want any hastle from jobseekers to find another job, so I never claimed anything for first 14 weeks which I thought was the maxamum I could be Layed off When I contacted my Company they said theres still no work available for me and things will contine as they have been There has been 3 men that I know of who have wanted their redundacy but the company will only
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