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  1. I will be interested to read how this goes. I have a PCN following a similar incident after a hospital visit. I am not intending to hijack this thread I have already posted separately - in my case the car reg number is wrong on the PCN so that should be sufficent reason not to pay it. What I wanted to say is that I think hospital car parks and nearby streets must be really lucritive for Councils and Private companies - with hospital appointments overrunning etc, also if you are having to discuss health issues or visiting an ill person, then parking is the last thing on your mind and you can easily forget what time your ticket expires. I think they are taking advantage of people who are in difficult situations and it makes me so cross. The parking wardens around our hospital are like vultures, they hang around just waiting for the parking tickets to expire, must be a pot of gold for them. Sorry I don't have any specific advice, I just wanted to say good luck!
  2. Hi Just been reading Kyka's post with interest. Received a PCN (very unfairly I feel) and just notice it has the wrong vehicle registration number - one letter wrong. However I did see the guy who gave me the ticket take a photo of the car. The PCN also has the correct tax disc number on it. So they will be able to trace me through either the photo or the tax disc. So what I want to know is - does this mean the PCN is legally unenforcable as it is factually incorrect, or does the fact it has the tax disc number on mean that is enough evidence that is was my car? I reckon he typed in the wrong reg number as he was trying to get it done really quickly because he could see me running up the road - I got the 'sorry its already issued, nothing I can do about it now' excuse. If I ignore it I guess they will still trace me through the photo/tax disc and I will get a Notice. I don't want to end up paying £80 instead of £40. It is a Council issued PCN by the way. This is my first PCN - I was 2 minutes late to the car and am fuming. Thank you! Great forum by the way.
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