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  1. I haven't got access to scan until Monday but I can confirm it says 'IT IS ORDERED THAT 1. The application for AoE order is dismissed 2. Within 14 days....... So from my understanding do I now have to wait to see if the claimant wants the AoE reconsidered? If they don't apply for reconsideration how will they expect me to pay back the money I owe them? Not sure if this is good need or bad need *news.......
  2. No sorry the company applied for an attachment of earnings I completed it and returned it last Friday as I had only 8 days before I could face 14 days imprisonment as stated on the letter. It's a catalogue debt from what I'm sure of as I do not have any loans or credit cards but realistically need to find out as Cabot Financial ltd are the ones who have taken me to court The company being Cabot Financial Ltd. Yes I complete an N56 and offered to pay £10 a week to pay off the debt....is this the court refusing my offer so what happens now as I have no saving I do not own anything apart from a car worth £1000 that's it
  3. Hi there I recently put an earning of attachment to my local county court for a debt I owe of £1586.80 I have now received a letter titled as above saying..... It has been ordered that upon calculation of the debtors income and expenditure by a court officer the protected earnings rate as defined.........is found to exceed the debtors income It is ordered that The application for an attachment of earnings is dismissed Within 14 days of service of the the order on them pursuant to CCR order 27 rule 7(6) either party may apply for the order to be reconsidered giving full reasons for there request. The written notice must be sent to the court and to the other party at the same time. Upon receipt of the request the court officer shall return the matter to the home court where a court officer shall fix a day for the hearing of the application and give to the parties not less then 2 days notice of the day so fixed What do I have to do now?? Shouldn't appeal for a reconsideration of the earnings of attachment or not? I don't want to go to court I feel sick and it's making me feel so I'll thinking about it....what should I do and what exactly does this mean??
  4. Yes the £190 is spare income and that's calculating my income including my sons DLA minus all my outgoings. My son gets £220.40 every 4 weeks and I've included it as I was worried I would get in trouble if I did not declare it but I put it in other benefits and stated that it is DLA for my 3 year old son so I hope they understand that. I'm just concerned that they will not accept the £10 a week offer and ask for something like £50 which I just couldn't afford. I have put my travelling costs which include all travel expenses to take my son to his therapy and all his good that he has which is a little more expensive due to his food tolerances etc but will they look at it and consider that my expenses are too high and then challenge it all? As much as I am a single parent on low income I don't smoke or drink and I do pay slightly higher for food as I but organic and only butchers meat for my family where I know where it's come from and a lot of produce from holland and Barrett but will they want me to break it all down for them and look at my outgoings and think they are not realistic? Not 'good' I meant 'food'.....sorry
  5. Yes this is a N56 it says it in the corner of the bottom off the letter I have I get around £1900 a month that is wages and all benefits including DLA. I have put on the balance sheet that I have around £190 spare income each month but worried they will see that amount and expect me to pay around tht amount each month £190 left after ally expenditure each month I presumed it is my catalogue because I have never had a bank loan or credit for the last 10 years only catalogues
  6. Many thanks for getting back to me. It was sent from the court directly with a round stamp on the first document then the attachment of earnings form was behind it. I will get the first lines from the letter and post once I am at home.
  7. Hi there, I have a catalogue debt which I stupidly did not pay and ignored and it run up to £1586 now including all costs from solicitors. It has been to court and is now registered as a CCJ and now an attachment of earning I have received to complete within 4 days a return to Romford County Court or face up to 14 days in prison (Im a single mum with 2 children) I have currently started a new job and have been working for last 2 months. My son receives middle rate DLA which I have stated on the earnings form and have put an offer of £10 a week to pay and also requesting them to not contact my new place of work as I do not want my new boss knowing about my financial difficulties. I am panicking now as Ive completed it to the best of my knowledge but scared they may come back with a stupid payment plan I wont be able to keep up with and I will have to go to court and haven't really got a clue what to do apart from give back the attachment of earnings form asap and pray they accept my offer?? I need some desperate help and advice Many thanks
  8. Thank you lookinforinfo for all your helpl. It feels like such a long a hard battle but I just hope that it comes to an end soon as hopefully. But thank you all for your help and I will update through to the end and lets hope I finish this thread with good news that I have finally paid them all off. Thank You x
  9. I explained to the judge that the car is in my name and I drive it but my ex partner who we are not really on great speaking terms with did not let me know that there were tickets on the car. The judge asked why I hadn't seen the tickets on the vehicle but I explained they were all CCTV cars that caught me and send the PCN straight to the registered address of the car. The judge said he would send them back to Northampton and I was to wait for a response from them. The man who was representing Havering then left the court room and immediately the judge said he will also send back the 1 from Newham to Northampton. I am disa I am disappointed but the warrant of execution is due to expire in September 2012 and my next 2 hearings are in November 2012. I'm hoping they will accept it and I can just be done with these. The guy from Havering brought up a section and paragraph under the traffic enforcement laws that I could only do an out of time dec within 21 days of getting the fine but I had to explain that I was in a payment arrangement with Equita but sort out help from here as I could not afford legal advice and took the necessary steps. Thank you for your help and I will keep you updated. Just one last question if the warrant if execution is due to expire do I still have to pay the fine if it goes back to original amount? Or is it deleted permanently? And if it goes bavk to bailiffs and I don't have the car anymore can they enter my property and remove goods ? Thank you for your help
  10. Just an update to let you know I went to court today. A guy from havering borough came to represent havering but no one from Newham came. In the end the judge referred the cases back to Northampton and I am to wait to hear from them in regards to both cases Havering and Newham. So what does this mean exactly and I've still got another 2 with Havering to go back to court in November. What do you reckon TEC will do now and what happens next?
  11. My car which has the PCN's on has never been levied as I never went ahead with it as I was unsure fully what it meant. My new car I am planning to put it into my Grandads name as he bought it for me but I will have to wait and see. So if the car has nor been levied is it ok to scrap still though I may SORN it as a friend wants it off me but hasn't got the mobey for it yet.
  12. Thank you for your help. I am very nervous, but Im just going to have to give everything Ive got and go there and get it out the way. Out of interest, the other 2 hearings that I have in November, there Warrent of Execution will expire in September so does this mean that the bailiffs have to go back to court to get another Warrent of Execution? Or does it mean that it has expired for good? I also do not have the car anymore, I am planning to scrap it in the new couple of days, but my nan and grandad have bought me a little run about for now in my name and address. If the hearing goes against me and it goes back to the bailiffs can the bailiffs take my new car? I have also moved addresses recently too so I am at a new address? Thank you for all your help and support and be assured that I will definately be using my please and thank yous on Tuesday.
  13. I've had a date sent through for my hearing for the 3 PCN's I have with Havering Borough. One of the hearings is next week at my local county court and the other 2 are in November and the warrant of execution expires in September which is good news. I just want to ask though what must I do when I go to court for the hearing? I'm very nervous can someone helP me out. Thank you
  14. I've got one out of time dec accepted and this one I have been paying through Equita which I have paid a he'll if alot to (£20 since first week of september2011) it's gone back to £65 but how do I claim back the money that I have paid to the bailiffs? Do I pay the £65 to the council then go through equita to get my money back as the council said I still owe £157.80???? Any help would be great
  15. Thank you for your help. I have completed the form now along with the fee paying exemption form and will send them off tomorrow recorded delivery with proof of my benefit. The only thing is that the forms fall out of the 14 day time period in which I am to respond with the N244 forms. Will they accept them still or not? And if not what do I do next??? Thank you all the reasons for when i filed the TE7 and TE9 forms were the same. I stated that all correspondance was going to my ex partners house as he bought the car and was legally the owner though the car was registered in my name as i was the driver of it, the correspondance for the car was going to his mums address and he was suppose to be dealing with it but of course never did. The PE 2 & 3 I filed got accpeted and another 1 from Newham, but the 5 with Equita (well its 4 really as 1 has been fully paid off through Equita) and the 1 with Whyte & Co which I made £100 payment to in payments of £10 over 10 weeks and went up by about £200 even after attempting to pay off the amount, have been refused by the council and TEC. These fines are from last year and the warrent of execution is due to run out on the 5 from Equita, approxiamtely in August and September this year. When they run out does it mean I no longer have to pay off the remaining balance which is approximately £650 between all of them? Thank you for you help
  16. Hello there, just a quick update to say that the TE7 and 9 forms have worked for 1 of my fines and the PE 2 & 3 worked and they were reduced back down to there original amounts and now paid off in full!!!!! The five I had with Equita and the 1 with Whyte & Co have been refused by the Council Havering and Newham and rejected by TEC also. I now have to complete a N244 form which I have no idea how to complete at all. I have managed to down load it along with a concession form to complete as I will not have to pay any fees due to being on income support, but would love if someone could help me out a little bit the the completion of the form so that I dont have to start worrying about bailiffs turning up all over again and more fees being added on. and just to add that the fines where I paid the bailiffs not a single penny have been reduced but the ones where I have been making a large amount of payments too are the ones that have been refused/rejected!!! That says it all really!!!! but going to keep on fighting!!!
  17. I posted a few months ago regardig the trouble I was having with bailiffs (JBW, Whyte and Co and Equita) over PCNs and got great help and advice. Now ive had some PCNs reduced back to there original price but I had 5 PCN's all with Equita that I was paying £20 a week since September last year bearing in mind I was pregnant at the time and a single parent on benefits. The TE 7 & 9 forms gave been refused/rejected by the council (Havering Borough) and Ive had a also another one rejected TE 7 & 9 which was refused/rejected by TEC themselves (Newham Borough) and they said I can appeal with a N244 form (think that's what it's called) and i have to pay a fee or may be entitled not to pay. I really need help now as not sure where to go from here. The 5 PCNs that were refused by Havering Council said I can appeal but not sure what to put as original reason was because my car was in my name but my ex partners address as he is the owner who purchased the car for me. Would love some help ASAP as I take it that the PCNs are not on hold anymore so the bailiffs will be back on my case and adding on there fees. Need help !!!!!! Thank You
  18. That's right I didn't even know that before but I've been paying Equita since the first week in September last year 2011, £20 a week in a payment plan which Equita have just stuck on charges left right and centre and just tried to take me for a ride so I'm hoping that it goes in my favour and I get a refund which would be lovely for me and my 2 kiddlywinks
  19. Spoke to the council that the PCN's are with and at first they said they haven't got the TE forms from TEC but then I explained the situation and she cane back and said yes they have got them and that her Manager would contact Equita straight away to let them know. Also I have now had the PE forms witnessed and will be scanning them and emaing them today along with sending them recorded delivery in the post Fingers crossed I get some where and thank you for getting back to me With help
  20. Just a quick one, I have range TEC today and all 5 PCN's with equita are on hold ad of today, I usually make payment on a Friday can I not make payment now until I gear back from TEC and should I contact the bailiffs or just presume they will know and not proceed with any further fees or visits
  21. Just an update that TEC have come back to say that the PE forms have to be completed as the contravention was not a parking contravention but in fact a bus lane fine so that is why the PE forms have to be completed. Also I've received today a letter from Debt Recovery Plus Ltd saying that I was issued a ticket from UKPC Ltd on 31st Jan which I can't remember at all and saying it's £150 to pay or call with a reasonable payment proposal. Can I do TE 7 & 9 forms for this kind of PCN and don't have a clue how this letter has turned up at my address. Thank you
  22. I'm completing the PE forms as we speak now and for the PE3 form I have written what I would of put originally on the TE7 form. But on the PE2 form it also asked for a reason as to why I am filing for Statutory Declaration outside the given. Can I put exactly the same reason as I put on the PE3 firm or do I need to put something different? Sorry for sounding like I'm being lazy but just don't want to mess it up and get it all sent back again. Also what telephone number should I call TEC on to check if the other TE forms I have sent have been received? Thank you
  23. My car is a 51 plate peugeot 206 but is not in great condition in regards to the body work and I reckon is worth around £500 due to a start up problem it has. With the PCN they wanted me to complete the PE forms I emailed them to say that the parking contravention happened last year 2011 not before march 31st 2008 so do not see why I have to complete the PE forms but will if I have to and scanned the letter they sent to me and attached it to the email and await there reply. The five separate PCN's that I have re done on all individual TE forms and attached a proof of address for each year I have lived at my property (2009,2010,2011 and 2012) I am going to do recorded delivery but could try to do them by email today by 4pm. The other 2 I sent which are PCN's with Newham council I have not heard anything back from so I'm hoping they are all ok and await to hear back from TEC. I did fax TEC too with the 5 sets of TE forms but are going to do recorded delivery also. Please feel free to ask me any questions Thank you There is no finance on the car, sorry forget to mention
  24. The 5 PCN's were all from the same council. I'm going to pop to my county court tomorrow to get the PE forms done but it is so annoying and they are making it really difficult. Getting there though and still awaiting a reply from the councils who I emailed
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