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  1. Thanky ou. I have contacted O2 and wil let you know as soon as I hear from them. As far as I am aware I did not give the DCA any permission as I haven't ever heard from them until recently and the only thingI have said to them is that I am disputing this with O2.
  2. I was on an 18month contract with O2 back in 2008. I cancelled my contract due to poor service on their part. I constantly had to return a faulty handset & they refused to replace it with a new model until they eventually stopped stocking the said item. I had a faulty phone for 4 months. Shortly after the contract was cancelled, I moved address, and inform O2 of this, advising them to contact me at this ddress with all correspondence. I never heard from them. I sent them a second letter and still heard nothing. I assumed they had cancelled the contract and wiped he debt. Several month
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