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  1. They are absolute **edit** . I'm surprised your bank refunded you the money as my bank wouldn't as I had made a payment to Cash Genie in the past so there was no proof I had not authorised the payment. Anyone reading this - DO NOT EVER GIVE CASH GENIE OR CARTER FORBES (THEY ARE THE SAME COMPANY DO NOT SWALLOW THAT **edit** ) YOUR DEBIT DETAILS TO TAKE MONEY FOR A PAYMENT PLAN THEY WILL EMPTY YOUR ACCOUNT. I borrowed £150 FROM Cash Genie, missed a payment and quickly escalated to owing £782 with interest and charges. Carter Forbes agreed to take a settlement figure of £300 when I got paid but I had to give them my card details over the phone when the arrangement was made to make a £20 token payment to hold the account until the 27th, which i stupidly did in good Faith. Payday arrives and BAM they took £782 out of my account - I went BESERK! Called them and e-mailed them and again a telephone call they CLAIMED not to be able to find, they said I agree to pay on the 26th (I would never do that as my pay date is the 27th) and as the money wasn't in there I was liable to pay the whole lot and Cash Genie started automatic sweeps on the 27th for the full amount. That left me completely broke for that month and I have a 8 year old son, absolutely no money for the whole month. Contacted OFT, Financial Ombudsman, got nowhere , complete waste of time!!! Still livid to these day. And they no doubt sat there laughing while they did it! Should be prosecuted and closed down. DO NOT GIVE THEM DEBIT CARD DETAILS!!!!!
  2. Here's the link for the guy they took to court http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/payday-loans/266810-cash-genie-court-summons.html
  3. Hey I also have a loan for the same amount and the balance is now £782, they've set some company called Carter Forbes on me now and they are threatening court action with a CCJ if I do not pay a settlement figure (£300) they are also asking for me to complete a statement of means TBH though I am going to pay the settlement figure as i'd rather that than a CCJ and 6 years of struggling to get future credit, I have seen another forum (i'll try get you the link) where they have taken the debtor to court and enforced a CCJ for the full amount he owed with charges.....
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