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  1. Ok im not sure what that means then, what should i do and what is an unregulated loan?!
  2. Thanks for the advice, i will send a letter fo CCA tomorrow, im going to leave the set aside through the court and see what happens. Im more annoyed that they are closed when they say they are open!
  3. How do i go about that?and would i be rite in thinking that if i dont manage to do this, that i will be made bankrupt this week?????
  4. It was an unsecured loan, today is the 18th day since i recieved the demand!!! Thanks for replying , all of you.x
  5. I was handed a SD from Capquest, on the 9th of July. Its dated 24th june, and signed Barry Davies. The opening times on the back of the letter state open until 9pm on a monday, i rang just after 8pm and heard a message that said they were closed!! Particulars of debt are a debt dated 7 july 2004, with Natwest, and the debt was assigned to them 30 october 2007, The debt is for £24,067 and includes 731.73 interest accrued since assignment of debt. I cannot remember the last date that i made the payment, i think it could have been 2005, there is no credit agreement included with
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