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  1. Hi, some how I had been registered twice in the system. I am not sure how or why, but that was the reason, so the double registration was causing a conflict. Sorry I should have explained.
  2. Ok rang them, took over two hours to sort out, but managed to get it sorted, so that is the main thing! Thanks again everyone, especially Foolish Girl (you should change your name to Wise Girl) You have been fantastic, I will let you know how it goes.
  3. Thanks FG, I am going to ring them. Mark, it was my defense I am trying to submit, I already sumbitted the acknowledgement previously. Wilchy, there is a section for me to import my documents, but nothing is working, it gives me the same outcome when I try to import: "The following errors have occurred: Claim number or password is incorrect." I screenshot my acknowledgement of claim and registration when I did it, to prove that I have done those, and it is a good job I did! Thanks again! I am going to ring them up tomorrow.
  4. I do not know what is going on but I went to submit my defense on the MCOL site. Once logged in, it is saying either my claim number or password is incorrect? I have tried and tried and tried to resubmit it but it still claims it is incorrect - the thing is, it's not! As a result had to post the letter on Friday but I do not know why it is not accepting it. If they stopped the claim would this result in being unable to use the claim details? (because that is the only thing I can think of!)
  5. Hi Foolish girl - thank you so very much for that and the time you put in to do that for me, I really do appreciate what you have done. If I may just ask two questions" "11. The Claimant’s entitlement to payment of the sum of xxxx and to interest is denied." Where is the interest listed? and also, where do I submit this online please? Thanks ever so much! x
  6. I am confused about the situation between Frederickson and Egg - according to Egg, Frederickson are their collectors, and BC is a part of Frederickson.
  7. Hi, I am not bankrupt yet, but do intend doing so before the end of the year is out, probably within the next couple of months or so. This will be a definite.
  8. Hi, here are the two pages you requested, if these are not correct, please let me know thanks. http://img69.imageshack.us/f/forumegg.jpg/ http://img838.imageshack.us/f/forum2g.jpg/
  9. I can file my defence online? That would be much better for me given my situation.
  10. Hi, Here are the two documents again that I found sorry http://img810.imageshack.us/f/default1.jpg/ http://img267.imageshack.us/f/default2f.jpg/ Sorry I am useless, I meant balance, not agreement sorry. Those are the only two letters I can find that resemble some form of default notice.
  11. Ohhh I am sorry, I am having a bad day today and in tears at th emoment. I haven't slept all night again due to my condition and I am just about worn down. I will amend.
  12. Hi Citizen, I am so sorry about the disappearing document, only I could not take my personal information out the pdf file Basically all it is is just an egg agreement, if you really want it then I will link you privately.
  13. Here are the only two letters I can find http://img685.imageshack.us/f/default2f.jpg/ Thanks for your wonderful help so far. I have never done a defence before so I have no idea what to put. I have until the 17th to get it to them.
  14. The sum on that agreement from egg that they sent me is what I owe egg, then BC has added more on and is claiming for more than that agreement states, he says they are costs. I did send for SAR but not heard anything back. I didn't ask for termination letter I don't think. I will see if I can find default notice for you.
  15. Okay I spent the last couple of hours scanning and I have uploaded for you to download here It's in .pdf format and is guaranteed virus free (I use a Mac) Thanks again PS I need to rest now for a couple of hours or so but will be back later to see if anyone has kindly responded.
  16. Ok I think Brian Carter is playing dirty. My original defense was meant to be in by the 20th August. However, an extension was agreed which was 14 days after receipt of docs. He has only just sent me the docs as you know and states that if I do not file a defence within 14 days he will claim judgement by default. Now from what you lovely people say, I am allowed no longer than a further 28 days from the original 28 days right? This date is 17 September. However, if I count 14 days from when he sent the docs, it is a week later than the 17 Septermber, so he is counting on me not g
  17. Okay so I copied my letter to the court but not heard anything back. Today I get a document which appears to be the egg agreement from Bryan Carter and he states I only have 14 days to file my defense???? He agreed to 28 days from receipt of docs, I do not understand what is going on. He has also said he will win by default if I do not put my defense in 14 days - he is going back on his word! Anyway I need help with putting a defense together, I have no idea how to do this? I do apologise, I am really stressed with it all, plus have probs at home and been very unwell. I am
  18. Ok Robin, Thankyou! Do I legally have to let the court know though as they will be expecting a defense I presume? I don't want Carter to win by default, and this is the first time I have had to do anything like this so I need to ensure I am doing things exactly right
  19. So I post what you said basically to the court address and BCarter? I am sorry its all new to me, I haven't got any clue what I am meant to do.
  20. Hi Robin, so my defense has to go to BC and not the court? Is this correct?
  21. Hi, Just got the letter back from Bryan Carter agreeing to the 28 days. I gave him to 20th August for the documents and its now 18th and nothing has arrived. Therfore I am presuming I still need to put a defense in? Do I post this defense, and also if so, what kind of thing do I put in my defense? Thanks in advance!
  22. Ok Robin, taking into account what you said, and basing it on Elsa's letter, how does this sound?" Dear Mr Carter, Thankyou for your letter of xxxx in which you state that you feel that my CPR 31.14 request for documents is unreasonable in part, requesting an extension of 28 days to supply the documents. I feel that my request was reasonable in view of the fact that, in order to justify issuing proceedings, the supporting documents shou
  23. Thanks both Ok, now considering Robin's point, what should I do? I'm thinking back to the comment of BC playing dirty and winning by default - and then Robin points out "Parties can only extend the time to file defence by up to 28 days (CPR 15.5). If there is agreement that defence is filed 14 days after receipt of docs it may take it beyond the 28 days." Is this BC playing dirty? Should the letter be amended?
  24. Hi Guys, thanks so much! FGirl, yes, I have done the AS online Ok really need help with dates. The court papers were sent out on the 21st July, I received them on 23rd July but actually didn't get to see them to the 26th as I was too poorly and unable to move/do anything. It is then that I came here, found you wonderful people and filled in the AS as advised. Another issue is with the dates of this current letter, which I have prepared (but not yet printed) is today is Friday, special delivery is not going to get there until Monday now as it is after 1pm and I have not lo
  25. Hi, I do really need help with a response thanks
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