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  1. This is great, Thank you DB. I especially love the hugs and kisses. Does the fact the ticket was not given to me or put on the car make any difference. Thanks again. I will copy this and send it off
  2. I guess there is nothing to do then but suck it up. It there any point appealing?
  3. I thought there has to be a CEO to issue the ticket and as they are just contracted they have nothing to do with that side
  4. I have been searching the internet for an answer and it seems that this community gives great advice, I hope you can help with my claim My Car was towed on Saturday night after I parked on a single yellow. I came out of Blockbusters to see my car on the back of a lorry being taken away. There was another car behind that only got a ticket. What is bugging me most is the speed and timing of the whole event, (I have attached the tickets and other documents) I must have got out of the shop at 19:38, a minute to work out what had happened then I walked straight to the pound to get my car back, it's a 5 min walk. The guy at the desk said it would take about 5 mins to get the paper work sorted. I paid and the receipt has 19:48 on it. The ticket was issued at 19:37! (Parking ran restrictions ran out at 20:00) This must mean the warden saw the car, wrote the ticket, called the tow van, picked up the car and drove away in 1 minute I understand that if I parked illegally I should get a ticket but it feels like a [problem] when I have to pay the extra £200 for getting it towed Additional information that might help. There was not ticket on the car, it was given to me by the person on the desk not the CEO Am I able to get the towing money back and as they have annoyed me so much, can I dispute the PCN? Also, it feels like there is more to this with people helping out the towing company. Has anybody else had this happen on Dawes Road? Thank you in advance Si
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