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  1. the company is yes wait for it Robinson Way
  2. i may be another victim.I have had letters from them askig about twho lived at my address etc then i had another 2 saying saying i owe £8000 to lombard bank.I have never had any dealings with this bank it doesnt say when or what for,.i dont know if it would of been possible for my ex husband when he left me 12yr ago to obtain a loan through my name,if i contact them them saying i dont owe them & my ex has done something in my name do i go down the statute barred route or will it affect it if i contact them,i dont know where he is or if hes still alive I am 73 I dont know what to do.I think it must be something to do with him as i am already paying a debt off at £4.00 a week for him of which they said he had gone bankrupt 10 year ago so the debt came to me because it was in joint names.
  3. i have had 2 letters from a debt company saying i owe £8000 to lombard bank.this is the first I have heard of this it doesnt give dates or when.I suppose its a possibility my ex husband did something in my name when he left me 12 yr ago, what do i do,if this is in my name & i contact them will it stop my rights of saying it statute barred,I dont know where he is or if he's still alive,I am 73
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