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  1. Invoice has no date on it and no VAT number!
  2. having looked further we have now found the invoice for the £10 deposit, and it does state 3 seater sofa! My mistake! I think we will hang on to the £70 and wait and see what he does next! Maybe we will get a visit from Mick the Greek!
  3. Can anyone help me here. About 2 months ago we was walking through our local shopping centre and we saw a small company selling sofas, this was not a shop, he was situated in the middle of the centre. We had a look and decided to buy a sofa from him. The total cost was £349. We gave him £10 deposit and he gave us a receipt written on a plain piece of lined paper, he told us that the sofa would be ready for delivery on 20th September. Due to some unforeseen circumstances 3 weeks later we had to cancel the order, we tried to ring him but could not get through, so my wife left a message on his mo
  4. hi sorry with the late reply as computer been playing up i dont think so but will check this. nick
  5. Hows it going middleaged, i am on my 3rd month of non smoking,, best of luck to you!
  6. I have been smoking since i was 14, i am now 51. In June i decided it was time for me to stop smoking. I went to my doctor and he recomemed patches. My quit day was July 6th 2010. I gave up on 6th July, it was not very easy to start, and i found myself climbing the walls for the first couple of weeks. Anyway here i am nearly 3 months on and i haven,t had a fag. Its been hard at times but i feel much better for not having a fag. I know its not over yet and i have a way to go, but i am over the worst now and just want to wish all of you quitters the very best of luck!
  7. Hello, I have an outstanding debt with Santander, its not big only £204. I have asked them for time to pay as i have been made redundent. They sent me a letter asking for me to provide bank statement,s and to get the jobcentre to stamp the back of the form. Now i have nothing to hide but can they really ask for private stuff? looking forward to your replies, nick
  8. hi my wife would like to see her GP medical records going back to when she was a child till she was 30,she is 50 now,she moved to a new area 14 yrs ago,how would we go about doing this. as iam a carer for my wife we are on income support and could not afford to pay for this,so what would happen. she has blocked out a lot of things in her past but is now looking to sort this out and needs to see the records. thank you
  9. We bought a Flavel Milano Cooker in September 2008 from Currys it came with the standard 12 month guarantee. Yesterday i was using it and when i pushed the light switch on it came away and fell inside of the cooker. I phoned up Flavel this morning and they dont want to know. I have phoned consumer direct and they said the sales of goods act gives you rights against the retailer for up to 6 years. How would we go about sorting this out! Thanks .
  10. I am unable to maintain my monthly payments to Santander, I have ask them if I can have my payments reduced. I gave up my job last year to look after my wife who is disabled, so at the moment we rely on benifits. They would like me to send to them, They need proof of income from me, ie, bank staements, and they want me to take the form to the jobcentre and get it stamped with my jobcentre address, also they want my phone number so that they can contact me. I really dont want to do any of this. I am happy to send them a statement of accounts but that is all. Where do I stand. Any info would he
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