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You can now change your notification sounds by going to this link https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/index.php?/&app=soundboard&module=soundboard&controller=managesounds


You can find a library of free notification sounds in several places on the Internet. Here's one which has a very large selection https://notificationsounds.com/notification-sounds



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  1. I would have said that writing to the CEO should be sufficient.
  2. Hi, Laptop is now about 16 months old. Original problem started between 6 and 9 months - reported around that time, fixed and then started going wrong again just after a year - store manager at Medway said he could help and then did nothing, so I have lost all faith in DSG and related companies and cancelled my business contract there. Peter
  3. Yes, of course I supplied them when I wrote to the company, I just trimmed it off here.
  4. Copy of letter sent to PC WORLD - I have had no reply - I guess you know what to do when you are next thinking of buying something from them..... John Browett CEO DSG Retail Dixons House Maylands Avenue Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire HP2 7TG Dear Mr Browett, I bought an HP laptop from PC World Medway a while back. In less than a year the mouse pad had stopped working. PC world fixed it, but it went wrong again within a few months. They then told me that repairs were only valid for 3 months so it was tough luck, despite the fact that the item was not fit for sale in the first place. This loophole makes it possible for you to absolve yourself from responsibility for shoddy goods. I am not a heavy user of the mouse pad and have an 8 year old Dell laptop in perfectly good working order, so there is no excuse for this. I have attempted to contact you via your blog, but nobody replies. The store manager at Medway promised to get me a reply within a week. He did not. I have cancelled my business contract with you and have already now commenced a public campaign to expose this flagrant breach of consumer law and the poor service and wonder if you have any comment. I am so annoyed about this that I will make sure that it will be the worst decision not to honour a customer service request that you ever made. Yours sincerely Peter Cook
  5. This is exactly my experience. They record things on their computer that have not been discussed. I guess we must either gear up to record our conversations or leave t-mobile as they are liars.
  6. Discretion and goodwill are not part of t-mobile's lexicon
  7. Letter just sent to T - Mobile: 02 October 2010 FTAO The Chief Executive Dear Sir, I write in frustration at the poor customer service from your company. In brief: I have had continuing problems with my phone. In June I was promised 200 free minutes would be added to my contract on a continuing basis. These did not appear on my phone. I phoned several times. At various times I was told that the 200 minutes were ‘invisible’ – they came off my total minutes at the start of a month before my 300 minutes ‘counted down’. Another person attempted to convince me that they added on ‘after my 300 minutes had counted down’. In any case, neither of these excuses proved to be true. Just recently, it transpires that t-mobile have added 200 paid for minutes to my account. On contacting them again, they told me that the free minutes (which I did not receive anyway) were only issued for 2 months and, even more surprisingly, that I requested the extra minutes to be added to my account, which I did not. All through this painful series of calls, it has been nearly impossible to conduct a conversation in English with all but a few of your call centre staff. Worse still, they attempt to rewrite history by telling me that I agreed to the 200 minutes because it is on their screen, due to the poor English of the previous customer service advisor. I have become so irritated that I decided I wanted to leave t-mobile. All they can then say is that they wish to charge me for the privilege. I now intend to blog this whole experience widely unless you can explain where the free minutes went and how you managed to charge me for free minutes. yours etc.
  8. There is now a Facebook group called Say NO to Medway City Status. This is just another example of the profit seeking Council's attempts to put their own CV's above serving the citizens they are supposed to be there for. Please join and spread the word.
  9. I am currently in dispute over a CCTV car fine and was told that my £35 fine is suspended until we have resolved the dispute. Today I received a bill for £105 from the same people. When I called them at my own expense to ask wny they promised a reply by close of play Friday. They did not. I have now written to Robin Cooper and Neil Davies, CEO to ask for an apology for yet another procedural error. Meanwhile, they still commit what can only be described as fraud on a daily basis: Their parking machines do not tell you that they don't give change in what can only be described as a 'very convenient omissiion'. They have admitted as much at the Black Lion centre and have placed notices on these machines but leave the rest of Medway conveniently ambiguous. If NCP were to do this, they would be taken to court. One rule for some and one for another etc. If you wish to complain it is very easy to do so - e-mail addresses are in the form john.smith@medway.gov.uk - so CEO would be neil.davies@medway.gov.uk Finally, when they were asked for comment on BBC Radio Kent, they defeneded themselves by saying that they were not as bad as westminster council, who are the mother of all councils in respect of this. It's rather like saying that you are not such a bad murderer as Atilla the Hun or Adolf Hitler.
  10. I had asked for the audit trail to ensure that all people handling pictures of minors were properly CRB checked etc.
  11. Thanks for this - it will be my next move. In the meantime, here is the Youtibe video
  12. I took it to the papers and now BBC Radio Kent have picked up on the 'Parking Blues' which I wrote to reveal the shameless activities of a Council who have forgotten the difference between public service and self service. A video will go up on you tube later today. The Parking Blues can be found at www.reverbnation.com/alternativeposing Newspaper piece below
  13. You need to write to the chief exec @ the following address. It wont cost you a stamp either: Chief executive Medway council FREEPOST Gun wharf Dock road Chatham Kent ME4 4Tr Hi, Yes, I have already written to Neil Davies on this and the 'parking fraud' issue that preceded it. Excuses were given. I'm looking to make a bigger impact on these theives and fraudsters now. Peter
  14. I have been engaged in a series of communications on double standards being operated by a bloated local council who have forgotten what the words public service mean in favour of what Alan Partridge would call 'cashback' To Medway Council Parking Services, I write to thank you for responding to my previous concern regarding the misleading labelling of parking meters at the Black Lion centre. I note that some labels have now been provided on the meters only two months after I raised the matter with you and thank you for addressing the problem. However, I find it necessary to raise a matter of theft with you today, as the same parking meters, which I note cost £70 000 to install, took £1.20 of my money and failed to give a ticket today. You may think this a trivial matter, yet I write and consult on service and business excellence and was chatting to Andrew Neil the other day, when he commented that 'right first time service' was an expectation in modern society and not a luxury. Frankly I agree with him. Given the expenditure on these meters, I would expect them to actually work 1st time and there have been a series of malfunctions with these meters, which advantage the Council, given the Black Lion's inability to offer refunds. I note that your parking attendants were still patrolling in the area in spite of the general public's assumption that the machines were broken and presume you will not be issuing tickets whilst this was the case. Medway owe me £1.20 for the money I lost. As before, please either send this in cash or provde a cheque, although a £10 service fee will apply if I have to spend further time to cash the cheque. You may also like to consider an inconvenience fee for the time you have wasted once again over a realtively simple piece of technology which companies such as NCP manage to keep in full service 24/7/365. Finally, whilst I am pleased that Medway have listened re the labelling of the machines, I believe that it may be time to update the labelling - I have made a suggestion in the following photograph. Peter Cook
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