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  1. cheers, that makes me feel better, then I could say this is highly unlikely although possible, turn to the facts of the case and forward the letters that tell different versions of the story and say this is obviously a lie so please don't believe his highly unlikely story. As someone who has had to move addresses a couple of times due to being made redundant I can fully sympathise with people who honestly don't know they have a underserved CCJ or get into financial difficulties but this guy is a complete liar who just wants to avoid his responsibilities
  2. ...and I should add I do worry because I have known of people get CCJs overturned even when the claimant and a witness have testified a person received a claim and ignored it (they just denied this in court and said it was rubbish and that was a sufficient defence it seemed)
  3. I completely agree VJohn, I too would actively encourage him if he did not know. However if I can attend and say this guy has more than one CCJ, I saw this post arrive, I wrote him letters also in case he tried to claim he did not know, I witnessed him tear up order to attend court papers re this case I presented by hand and others saw the pieces, I videoed a note pointing out he had a CCJ going under his door and that one has not been appealed and there is the fact that he did not appeal until appearing for an order to attend (ie he must have known of the CCJ at the latest when I personally served the papers 2 weeks ago), can he still get it overturned?
  4. I suppose it depends on what is an arguable case. Yes he will argue but he is a liar, I have all sorts of evidence I will present that this is so. Is there any mileage in suggesting that the court sends out letters by mail, if the address is correct and the person is resident then if people just claim they do not receive those leters there wily nilly the court may as well abolish itself as anyone who can claim down the line that the court's service is inadequate
  5. Hello I have 2 CCJs against a person who lives in the same block as me. I think they ignored the court action I took against them as they did not have a defence. Judgment in default was given to me. The first CCJ was given last September and I saw the letters arriving, I also left a number of letters pointing out they had a CCJ in case they claimed they did not know. Anyway, when it was obvious the guy was going to have to pay, he applied to set aside judgment against the first CCJ on the basis that he knew nothing of court action. I can prove to the court he knew of the CCJ 2 months before he appealed (I can only give my word about what I saw in September) and had done so at the last minute when it was obvious he could not get away with it. My question is, is his application likely to succeed from what I have told you as I have heard some stories of people getting away with this despite witnesses confirming the saw post arriving at the correct address? With regard to the second CCJ, I filmed a note being pushed under his front door (he lives alone) giving him the details of that CCJ so I can ask him at the hearing why he has not applied to set aside this CCJ, is it because I have not tried to get the cash awarded yet? Any help would be thankfully received
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