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  1. Hi, I think they may have cancelled due to points on my license which I received a month after taking out the policy, I did tell the broker about the points and then a month later my insurance was cancelled. At the time I was in the second year after getting my license. No cifas on my credit file.
  2. Hi, No breakdown provided by the dca, just an amount and who they are claiming on behalf. No paper letters from dca just emails. I was paying by monthly dd when it was cancelled. The broker is called fresh insurance first car and the dca on the emails are called CRS (credit resource solutions). On the emails the dca list the client as fresh insurance.
  3. Hi all, I am being chased by a debt collection agency for monies owed to an motor insurance broker. I took out the policy 4 years ago and after 3 months the insurance company cancelled my policy without any explanation. At the time I was told no monies were owed, then I received letters I owed in excess of £130. I ignored the letters and 4 years later this debt collection agency has contacted me to collect the monies. If I paid the balance outstanding via the debt collectors portal, can they chase me again for any additional money in the future? Also can the debt collection agency leave negative mark on my credit file? At the moment there is nothing on my credit file.
  4. Thank you for your response. So does that mean i would only get paid for the one day?
  5. I am hoping someone can give me some advice. A couple of months ago i left my job, worked my notice and started my new job. In the last week of my notice i was off sick for 4 days, my previous company did not pay me for the 4 days and i was told that the company sick was not valid for any employees who had worked for the company less than 2 years. My question is can i claim statutory sick pay? I believe there is a form that can be used.
  6. Hi, yes i mean a car dealer with a lot. The make is a seat leon and i paid £4500. It was a cash sale and there is a loud rattling sound coming from the engine area on a cold start, sounds like a tractor. I have been on the seat forums and it seems there is high possibility the timing chain needs replacing. It is quite common on the petrol leons.
  7. Hi, how do i get a copy of the particulars of claim? Is it safe to mention my ccj account number on here?
  8. The CCJ is almost 2 years old. I missed payments because the repayments were more than i could afford, the dca were quick to report this to the court and i had to fill in a form to reduce the payments, i did not attend any hearings etc. The reason i didnt challenge things at the time is because i didnt know what else to do apart from make payments, i accepted the fact i had a CCJ against me. I am aware i will not get a set aside based on not receiving the paperwork and that is not why i raised this post, my query was regarding the CCA which it seems is not valid for bank accounts.
  9. The CCJ is against the bank account. I have no idea why i did not receive the paperwork, but u have accepted things now so if there is a way out then of course i would do what i can.
  10. Hi, Ah that is a shame i had my hopes up No i am still living at the same address i have since 2001. Had i known about the court papers i would have come straight on to this site for advice, i have been using consumer forums for years, excellent site and very helpfull. The people i pay are called restons solicitors
  11. Hi All, I was hoping to get some advice on my issue so i will try and explain things. I had a student account when i was at university with a overdraft, the account defaulted in 2008 and the debt was sold in 2010 debt collection agency applied for ccj in 2014 which they were granted. I did not receieve any of the court papers so i did not defend the case, i found out when i got a letter from the courts stating i have a ccj recorded against me. I have arranged a paymeny plan, on several occassions in the last two years i have missed payments and the debt collection have taken me back to court and added more fees. A few years (2013) i requested a subject access request from Llyods, this was to reclaim charges but i did not go through with it. In regards to the CCA this is what llyods wrote in the letter: "Unfortunately we have not yet been able to locate a copy of your signed agreement. We can assure you that before we opened your credit card account we would have required sight of a signed agreement. If you take this matter further we are confident in our ability to be able to prove this. Copies of assignment, default and enforcement notices are not saved by customer name so we are unable to provide copies under a data subject access request" From what i have read on the forum no cca means the debt collection had no right to enforce the debt? I am not sure if they are reffering to just the credit card that i had or both the credit card and bank account. I dont want to get my hopes up but hopefully i have way out of the ccj.
  12. Thank you i will do that. In case the trader still refuses what alternatives do i have? I am struggling to find someone to take with me to drop the car to the trader and i have to travel to work. Could i somehow get the trader to find a garage close to my home?
  13. I have asked the trader for a courtesy he has said no he will not give me one.
  14. Hi All, I have an issue regardging a vehicle i bought from a car trader, i am hoping someone can give me help. I purchased a 2011 reg car two months ago from a car trader. In the first week i started to experience problems with the car, it took me a while to get the trader to respond to my messages, it was only until i sent a letter he responded. I took my car to him and he had a garage inspect the car and apparently they replaced a part. A month later i am still experiencing the same problem, the trader has asked me to bring the car back to him and he is going to get a garage to do a full inspection of the car and this may take a week or more. My issue is that the trader is located 60 miles away from my home, it was very difficult for me to take my car to the trader the first time round as i had to arrange for someone to come with me in another car so i could get home after i dropped the car off. I was left without a car for a few days and again i had to arrange for someone to take me to the traders yard to collect my car. I have offered the trader to contact any garage close to where i live to inspect and repair the car but he has refused. I will be left without a car for over a week and i will struggle to get to work, i dont really know what else to do but the car needs to be inspected and repaired. Trading standards have basically said to me i knowingly purchased the car from a trader who is located 60 miles away so i have to take the car to the trader to be repaired. Does any one know what my options are please?
  15. Hi all, I have a query relating to pension credit for my father, I hope someone can give me some advice please. My father will be 62 this month, he currently works full time and has been for several years. He wants to retire but will only retire if he is entitled to pension credit, I have checked on various websites and he will be eligible for pension credit in may this year. He is willing to quit work before applying for pension if he will definitely get it. My question is about his employment, when looking at the eligibility for pension credit will they look at if he is working or how long he has been unemployed for?
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