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  1. I can see from the summary of payments MCS included that the last Direct Debit was 26/08/09 and not December as I had originally thought
  2. Quick Recap. Cabot chasing old Cap1 dept. CCA Cabot - No response MCS open court proceedings. Contest Court proceedings with SB defense I've been away for a few weeks visiting family and returned home today to see I've been sent this from MCS. They are claiming the debt isn't Statute Barred Ive attached a PDF of what they sent me. This included copies of the letters from 2009 from CAP1 "notice of default" & "statement of default". Not sure what to do next.. could someone please advise.. many thanks. MCS1.pdf MCS4.pdf MCS2.pdf MCS5.pdf MCS3.pdf
  3. Once again BIG thank you to the members here who must have to deal with people like me day in day out. I am very grateful.
  4. Post #9 http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?458114-Cabot-Mortimer-claimform-Cap1-Card-debt&p=4846278&viewfull=1#post4846278 Looking at similar threads should I ring up Cap1 to find the date of the last payment made to them ?
  5. Cheers again DX. This was stated earlier in the thread: Unfortunately the 6 years ends with the date of issue of the court papers. However, simply asking for a statement of account is not necessarily an acknowledgement of the debt " However they have still not produced a copy of the CCA I requested, and the 33 days since the issue of the court papers expires on the 9th Feb. For example .. If they manage to obtain the CCA in 6 weeks time will the current court order still be valid to continue proceedings against me? Do I just ignore the letters they are sending ? ma
  6. *** UPDATE *** So after sending off the CCA request to Cabot, Last week I received a reply from MCS that they do not hold this documentation and they only act on behalf of the pursuing company 'Cabot' and they will notify them etc..etc ... So the 12 days have long past and still no evidence of the CCA appearing. However, I followed the advise in the thread to the letter, Registered with MCOL, Acknowledge the claim and submitted a SB defense. Today I have received a letter from MCS stating the following. "We are instructed that in this case the caus
  7. Defence submitted. Thanks you to everyone who contributed on this thread, your help and knowledge is greatly appreciated.
  8. I might have underplayed the letter somewhat, It kind of does acknowledge the debt
  9. [ATTACH=CONFIG]61049[/ATTACH]cheers dx .. Before I hit submit is this correct ?
  10. Ok.. I've been working away this week so not had a chance to get back here to update as I've given some incorrect information .. oops I've trawled through every scrap of paperwork I can find, and it seems I wasn't making a £1 payment on this debt like I thought.. I wrote to cap1 on 18/01/2010 requesting a statement of account for the previous 6 months, that was the last contact I had with them until the letters from Cabot started arriving. So the last contact from me was dated 18th January 2010. I've registered with MCOL and its now day 8 from the date on the court papers...
  11. Name of the Claimant ? Cabot Financial (UK) Limited Date of issue – 08 Jan 2016 Date of issue submit defence = 09/02/16 (33 days in total) What is the claim for – 1.By an agreement between Capital One & the Defendant on or around 07/12/2004 ('The Agreement') Capital One agreed to issue the Defendant with a credit card. The Defendant failed to make the minimum payments due & the agreement was terminated. The Agreement was assigned to the Claimant. THE CLAIMANT THEREFORE CLAIMS 413.61 What is the value of the claim? £413.61 Is the clai
  12. I've just sent a CCA request to Cabot now (although I've not mentioned about the 12 days being of the essence) and I'll fill in the court paperwork as you advised. Yes, there was a letter dated 24th December, but were away with family over Christmas so it was only opened on Monday this week, the letter from Mortimer Clarke did state they would peruse it as a court claim and had attached an income and expenditure. I was planning to CCA it anyway, but my first week back to work it just slipped by me.. and then the court papers arrived today. Thanks catquest
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