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  1. Hi everyone, I bought an Asus gtx 670 graphics card in May 2012. Asus has a 3 year warranty on most of its electronics AFAIK and I bought it from Dabs.com. Now, Ive never been in a situation where its been so long after a component has failed but they do have a 3 year policy. I contacted asus (and I know they have a poor customer service rep) but fair dos to them, they got back quite quickly and this is what they sent me: But on Dabs website (they havent replied yet) it automatically instructs me to go contact the manufacturer. I can see a potential run around going on which I want
  2. Hi guys, I just came back from an Asda store where I tried to refund some asda brand pizzas. They refused me on the grounds that "they don't take chilled products as they have to be chucked away", which contrasts as to what they say on the package. What can I do?
  3. So debt recovery/credit controllers are not baillifs? Its hard to ignore all the jargon and threats! Would it help me for me to respond to them to ask them to waive it?
  4. Hi everyone (not sure if this is the right place to post), my son graduated university last year, after graduation, he had a placement for which he was still able to take out books from the library. He didnt hand them in on time and now Ive got the university sending charge statements to me. My son doesnt live with me anymore, and he told me that he emailed this to the university (he was abroad), he also told me that he recently returned the books, yet I still receive these statements. I have a few questions now: 1) Can the university and the DCA (if they b
  5. Update: I got a response from RS, and they refunded me back. They did mention that if I hovered over a little question mark by the delivery info, I would find out that they charge private individuals. However, in my opinion this is a poor implementation. First of all, they should have wrote this in their T&Cs (they didn't write it on the delivery bit but added an addendum near the bottom) and, at least refer to it on the delivery checkout page and not in a hover box (or make the totals add up properly, which was my main issue of contention). Although, I'm pleased with this conclusion, it
  6. Hello everyone, today I ordered something from RS components. During checkout, there was no delivery charge but when I got an order confirmation, they added one! I have contacted to see what they say, but reading there terms and conditions, they seem to be pretty tight-fisted. Also, I have emails from them to prove the added charge. Is there anything else I can do (or what if they refuse to refund me). Similarly, under DSR can I reclaim delivery charges? Their website states that: , so does this change my position with regards to this statement. Thanks
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