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  1. Thanks impecunious, that's a great relief! So at which point will they return it to the council? Will I be informed and get chance to speak to them about my circumstances? I'm not sure what to do next to be honest. Is it worth speaking to "Rossies" at all?
  2. To be honest I'm the in process of getting all the information from Rossendales now. Does anyone know what happens in regards to arrest warrants? Am I likely to get one soon? I know they have to pass it back to the council before they can do that, but do they council contact you and notify you that they have had the account passed back to them? I'd really rather not have any dealings with Rossendales if possible.
  3. Trying to contact the Council now. Think the first liability order was over a year ago. Figures are around £200, £1000, £1000. Pretty sure it's 3 seperate liability orders. Visits yes, but I've never actually seen one, they have zero chance of getting in unless I let them in. They haven't levied the car, unless they levied my clapped out Astra, which is SORN, which their more than welcome to. No they haven't detailed any charges, he keeps hand writing amounts on the notices that he leaves, but not exact charges just full amounts.
  4. Hello everyone, Can I start by saying thank you to everyone who contributes to this site, it's a great place and I'm sure a soothing place for a great many people. Okay now to my problem, I have unpaid council tax dating back to 2007, which came about after we a student discount on my girlfriend living with me, she stopped being a student but the council didn't update our bill until later, which meant we were £500 behind. They attempted to take the whole amount out at the start of the month, I realised early in the day that they were taking it, so I stopped the payment with my bank,
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