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  1. Well decided to take the offer for £3,300 sent the reply on monday, no point being greedy and i can do with the money. will chase for the last two months charges later on once i recieve the payment from them. I will donate as soon as it is recieved and thanks very much but saying that i will be more happy once i recieve the cheaque
  2. Thanks for that, i am sure i read that some were my-self just dont wont to sign something then i cant get back the last few charges they owe me. cheers
  3. Thanks for getting back to me, I phoned Tommy and he said the bank has offered what you asked for and it was up to you to go down the court route ie: interest, what I am thinking is to accept the offer but they will want me to sign the bit of paper that comes along with the offer later that reads. OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS WILL CONTINUE TO APPLY AND ANY FUTURE CHARGES, IN THE ABSENSE OF BANK ERROR but it does say furture charges these charges have already been applied to my account last 2 months since i went down the money claim route. do you think i would get away with signing and then claiming the last few charges saying it wasn’t the future if you no what i mean???
  4. Hi all, If you have read the rest of the thread you know i filed my small claim, they acknowledged it on the 14th of September, and now I have received a letter from Tommy Mclean saying they will settle in full, £3,300 . But my claim now it has went to court is for £4,192.08 (It has went up because I have received a few more charges and off course interest) 1, If I accept this and sign the bit of paper saying that OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS WILL CONTINUE TO APPLY AND ANY FUTURE CHARGES, IN THE ABSENSE OF BANK ERROR , WILL STAND. Can i make a claim for more charges that I have received the other week ie:£200 next time 2, If I don’t accept how long can this go on before I see any of MY money. 3, regarding the interest I think I have made a mistake I have under cut my sef by in the spreadsheet it says £618.48 and on the money claim web site it says £601.68 I don’t know if it was a typing mistake but is possible the bank lawyers can make a meal of it to get it flung out of court ???? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  5. Interest should not be added until the money claim stage but LBA inform them that you intend to add interest. Good luck
  6. Hi all, I have just received an acknowledgment from money claim the papers will be deemed served on the 12th Sept and should be acknowledged by the 26th, am I right in thinking I have to wait before sending a list of charges including covering letter to the court (Northampton) and I suppose this would include a breakdown of the charges or am i way off on this one . Many thanks in advance:)
  7. Hi Mike, can you tell me were you got the CCA request form and how does it work. Kind Regards,
  8. Thanks for getting back to me, i decided to file a CLAIM, done this morning for a nice some of just over £4000. Seemed straight forward enough so I guess I have to wait. for Cobblets again thanks J. I will keep use all updated Ps:If anyone has any tips for up and coming cobblets letters!!!!
  9. Sorry i forgot something regarding interest, Claim £3,470.40 this includes the recent charges but takes me over the 6 years limintations Interest (Spreadsheet used) £600.92 Daily interest = .76p does that sound right 3,470.40 x 0.00022 thanks in advance
  10. Thanks for getting back to me, I have decided to file a claim i have a few questions hopefully some one will be able to answer:) please 1,I contacted my branch a few months ago but since then they have added a few more charges to my account i know you can add them to your claim but this bring me over the 6 years Limitation Act can i still claim for them or do a separate claim ant help much appreciated. 2. My branch is in Scotland I live in England I found this address on this site is this the right address so I can use it on my claim. Group Litigation, RBS 1 Princes Street London EC2R 8PB :-|
  11. Well my next step was the court but due to finacial problems had to wait to the end of the month. So on the end of the month came and funny enougth i recieved a letter from Tommy mclean??, surprise surprise. After looking at my account which they believe they have conducted in a fair and reasonible manner they are now decided to offer me £1742.00 do i accept or not ?? 1, The time court action takes 2, More money i have to fork out court costs any advice would be gratefully Thanks in advance
  12. Quick question how much did it cost you and what address did you put down. thanks inadvance
  13. Stop worrying what is the worst that can happen, they will pore over your finances with a fine tooth comb in open court, were even your neighbors can pop in and have a laugh:) . Listen don’t worry these banks will not go to court this is standard for all solicitors to at least acknowledge the claim but they will drop it later on. Remember they will be getting a FEE for this so it is in there best interest to say they will DEFEND. Good luck mate !!
  14. There offer i am currently claiming £3,300.40 without interest YET. Got a letter from the bank manager yeterday on the day my LBA was up, offering £625. I really could do with the money but the hell with it, i am not going to accept it. Drafted or copy and pasted a decline offer. please see below any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your offer of (625.00), dated (04/08/2006) with reference to the full and final settlement of my claim. My Claim is for the total of (3,300.40), for accrued bank charges. You have stated, within your letter, that this is your final offer. Nevertheless I am willing to accept your offer as partial settlement of my claim and will commence with legal proceedings to reclaim the remaining amount. As you will be aware, my claim at that time will include interest pursuant to statute (under section 69 of the County Courts Act 1984) and court costs. Should you wish to settle my claim in full to the total of (3,300.40 – 625.00 interim payment) before the 14th August at 4pm, I will not commence with these court proceedings. I am entirely confident that the charges imposed by yourselves, RBS, are unreasonable and have been deemed unlawful by the OFT. I believe a court would agree with this statement. Yours faithfully, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I have a few questions for the experts out there Please . 1, My branch is in Scotland i live in England I have read a few posts were people have been having trouble submitting a claim via the money claim portal as the address is out with England any idea’s or recommendations. 2, I expect the RBS to withdraw there offer of £625 and not pay an interim payment as it would show them liable for the whole lot?? am i correct in thinking that. 3, How much does the court fees cost 4,How long does it take. Thanks in advance this forum is a great read beats the TV lLOL
  15. Well sent of my LBA letter on the 21st received a letter from bank manager two days later saying they are in looking into it , thanks you for bringing this to my attention Balh Blah Blah and they would get back in touch with me before the 4 August surprising that’s when my 14 days are up LOL , well fingers crossed. Stay safe out there!!
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