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  1. I've been reading around the threads for over an hour now and I'm going dizzy so thought I'd just ask a simple question instead I had 2 possibly 3 loans with welcome around the 2001-2003 period and I'm trying to figure out if it's worth trying to claim PPI. I am very clear that at the time I was told quite emphatically that I could not have the loans without the PPI, was given no information on alternatives available etc. I noticed from Welcome website that they are closed for new loans and that the FSCS had put them into default and that "Customers of Welcome Financial Services Limit
  2. Thanks for the info, letter on its way. I have no nails left!
  3. Adienotts, is there any chance that whilst i'm paying this off, they're adding interest to it each month, thus making any payments I make completely useless? Couldn't get hold of my local office to check today and I'm panicking a little. Did they do that to you?
  4. Found this which looks quite good, as long as you subscribe to their annual newsletter you get a yearly credit report for free. annualcreditreport.co.uk – a free credit report every year, no credit card details required There's an option to obtain one instantly online for £1.71 but the authentication doesn't work for everyone in which case they don't charge your card and send a password to your home address.
  5. Oh cripes I didn't even think to check what they were doing with interest on the account, lord only knows what I owe in that case. Just tried that link for credit check but they don't accept my debit card . Anyone else I can use for free one? Funds very low at moment! For a change! lol
  6. Not if you do Sociology in Cardiff yaffsimone - I'm about to embark on 2nd year, yawn! Hopefully now other threads are there you can see what prompted me to query this issue! I may not be able to do anything at all but rue my own gullibility but its worth asking I think.
  7. Sorry Rory, didn't have time earlier as the dog was munching my best boots! I had an HP agreement with Welcome in 2004 for a Vauxhall Corsa, just over 12 months later I had to voluntarily surrender it due to a change in circumstances (I had tried to liaise with Welcome but it came to nothing). The car was subsequently auctioned by them but I'm still left with £2700 ish left to pay on it. I currently have a verbal agreement with them of £20 per month via direct debit to which I have received no written confirmation, nor have I signed any new agreement. Someone one here suggested that this c
  8. Am considering now challenging this so called "new agreement" that I have with Welcome. Any advice would be "welcomed" !
  9. Ps Good luck to you and your bro, I'm also doing one for my bro on here with a different bank as well as my own against Natwest and I have to be honest I am rather relishing the prospect! Is that bad of me?! lol
  10. Been reading all the threads on here for past few days and I have to say this bit tickled me the most! I have one of these so called "simple" accounts and they've charged me left right and flippin centre on it because allegedly they process the debits before the credits (and that is a direct quote from this delightful bank). Am so looking forward to receiving this letter from Mr Higley! Anyway I'll shut up now. Giggle giggle. Posie
  11. Congratulations! Let's hope they pay mine up that quickly! lol somehow I doubt it though! Posie
  12. Hello all, I just wanted to ask a quick question if I may before I start my own thread re welcome? I have an o/s hp agreement with welcome, I no longer have the car, but am still paying for it (and will be for the rest of my days no doubt). I have a query about the document fee that is mentioned here being included in the credit amount. I also have a fee which is included in the total amount payable of £150 but it is called an acceptance fee. Could the agreement be challenged on this basis as per the link someone put up? Any ideas would be welcomed (pardon the pun)!
  13. Hi guys. Just wanted some advice re the wonderful welcome company. I am probably the only person ever in this country to not actually be sold a PPI with my car finance I think! However, I purchased a vauxhall corsa in 2004 on HP with Welcome, I had to voluntarily surrender the vehicle due to a change in circumstances, despite attempts to negotiate with them. I've just dug the agreement out and cannot believe how stupid I was to agree to this! Amount of credit £5055 + £150 acceptance fee + £4372.44 finance charge bringing the amount payable to £9577.44!!! at an APR of 42.3%!!! Since th
  14. Probably a stupid question, but I have a basic bank account which is the one that I'm making the claim upon, so to my knowledge I don't have any interest charges to claim? Does that sound right?
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