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  1. Hullo, I have just received a letter from a DCA (EOS Solutions) and needless to say, I'm a little irritated... When I moved in this flat, I was paying for an unmetered supply. However, a few months later, it emerged that the flat was actually on a water meter, & all my payments subsequently transferred. No problems there. However, a few weeks back, I received a tetchy letter from Southern to "The Occupier", asking for details regarding the current occupants in relation to an unmetered account. Rang them, and they said "Oh, just an automated mail run. Please
  2. Hi, Not yet. I've been trying to get the insurer to confirm which clause is the problem. However, my car is a standard MX5, and I believe that the hard top is not part of the build spec for this spec, no. However my problem is that I took out the insurance in good faith that the roof was part of the car, and fully original - in other words not a modification whatsoever. Is the onus not on the insurer to cover it for a extra premium which I am happy to pay, or a full refund of the premium?
  3. Hello, Several weeks ago, I went away for a 3 weeks holiday, leaving my MX5 parked outside my parents for the duration of my trip. Shortly after going away, someone broke into my car and stole the hardtop. My father put in a claim on my behalf for a broken window, damaged paint & the hardtop. A while later, the insurers came back saying they would not cover the hardtop as it was a modification! Upon returning, I have been trying to chase this up with the insurer but it has proven very slow going as they have been very slow at replying to their emails, plus they have been qui
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