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  1. Hi Wannabe Been following this for nearly a year now, and am in stunned awe at the courage and application you've demonstrated so far . Eagerly awaiting the outcome of this cos my case is so similar, right down to the use of the Police to enforce the repossesion. The only worrying bit for me is the fact that at over £25,000 in 2006 it was classed as an unregulated loan, no idea whether that disqualifies me, but anyway, best of luck for the big day You are an inspiration, and I don't say that verey often
  2. Thanks for your support (and to the OP for allowing the hijack) A couple of days reading the posts certainly concentrates the mind! Thanks to yours and a few others' deternination, I reckon it's time to fight back! I Just discovered the chain of events is more bizarre than I first thought- they wrote to me saying the final payment was due on the 30/6/2010, and repo'd the car by the 21st July, having claimed that they sent a termination notice on 16th July That's gotta be some kind of record.... I'll start my own thread so as not to clutter, time for bed now though
  3. My first post- a Question, since I am in a similar situation to wannabe re using the Police to repo my car off my drive. having sent no DN and a notice of termination from 5 days ago which has also never been received; With an Unregulated (>£25k in 2006), can the repo man take the car off my drive if I have refused him permission to enter my drive/property? Sorry if this is a hijack, just trying to find out if I should keep fighting...
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