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  1. Thanks for that Beaker, did not mean to hi-jack your thread. Cheers Andy
  2. Hi Beaker Congratulations and well done. I have the judgement so waiting for Shabbey to pay up not that I'm holding my breath. I know this might sound a bit naive but where do you apply for the Warrent of Execution. When the judge passed judgement in my favour he told me to seek advice. Reading the threads though I don't think that is necessary. Also I was told that because it's over £650 or £600 ( can't remember which ) I can get a hight court judgement. Any way anyhelp would be appreciated. Cheers Andtroy
  3. Hi All:D I'm soooooooooo excited I'm back and i have won won won won won, one very happy bunny. Well Shabbey did not turn up so the judge passed judgement in my favour and have given Shabbey 14 days to pay up. So that conjures up some really nice mental images of a) a nice cheque or b) bailiffs going in. :D I woulmd like to take this oppotunity to say a huge thank you to karne who has been with me every step of the way and thank her for her help and advice. Also a huge thank you to this site for all your help with letters templates etc etc and setting out the steps to get these charges back. Needless to say donation will be on its way once I get the money from Shabbey. Also could my thready thing be changed now to " won won won " One last thing stick by your guns and follow your convictions if you believe in something strong enough you can move mountains. Cheers Andtroy
  4. Thnaks Karne So is the summery jugdement the letter that getting? and do I give that to the judge?
  5. Hi All Well this is it. Tomorow morning I have the hearing at the court , and up to now I have heard nothing from Abbey. To say that I'm worried is an understatement. I would have thought by now they would have made an attempt to make an offer of settlement ,but nothing. Any suggestions or thoughts would be really useful. Cheers Andy
  6. Hello Everybody Just to say that yesterday I submitted the court bundle and sent a copy to the Defendent. Well any time now they should cough up. Will keep you posted. Andtroy
  7. Hi Lula Thanks for that. See I don't get this I sent my first letter off to Shabby back in june last year and still no money. But at least I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now. Cheers Andtroy
  8. Hi Lula Thanks for that. When you filed the new claim which resulted in you getting the money back last week how long did it take the second time round from sending the letter off and getting the money? cheers Andtroy
  9. Hi Yes I realise it is the spread sheet that I did, but what I was asking was what does bookworm mean in his court bundle by "Latest Schedule of charges". Cheers Andy
  10. Hello All Sorry have not been around, had flu over xmas and new year, so was unable to do a lot. Update. Well the court hearing is set for the 8th February, so am dedicating the next few days to get the court bundle sorted. It leaves me just over 3 weeks before the hearing and as it has to be in 14 days before then so I have a good week to get it sorted out. :D Two questions 1) I have downloaded Bookworms court bundle and the very first page reads " Latest Schedule of Charges". Can someone be kind enough to clarify this, sorry to be thick and all that. I'm reading it two ways either a) Include charges that you might have missed through delay in statements coming through under the DPA request or b) the interest brought up to date. I was under the impression that I could not add any more charges unless I paid the £35 or whatever it is. So am not sure ewhat is ment by latest schedule of charges. Also needed for the court bundle are copies of statements, is this all the statements or just those pertinent to each charge that has been made to the account. Thanks for your help Andy
  11. Hi All With the above claim now well and truly under way, will it now be a bit premature to get the secound claim under way or should I wait until the intial one is done and dusted. Any thoughts would be welcome Cheers Andy
  12. Hi Karne Thanks for that. Yes they have sorted the time out, 3 bloody hours they have allocated, I mean I ask you how long does it take to say " give me my money back" quite easy really. lol. Will have to sort the Bundle out now, more paper work. :D Cheers Andy
  13. Hi Nizzmo Welcome to the forum and good luck with your claim. Just a bit of advice and that is all the letters you send, send recorded delivery and keep a hard copy yourself in a seperate dedicated folder. Keep all the letters you recieve in there as well. Again good luck Andy
  14. Hello All Update. I have had the date of the hearing come through. It is set for 8th February 2007 10am. This should take no longewr then 3 hours. Presumably Shabby will pay up before then and not go to court. Here we go:D Cheers Andy
  15. Hi Ya If you go through the small claims track the maximum you can go for is 5k that excludes any charges and interest etc, I think. If your claim is over the 5k then you could consider going for 2 smaller claims ( which is what I'm doing as SHabbey messed me around with the statements, no surprise there :grin: ). I think also ( hopefully someone will correct me if I'm wrong ) but you can go through the court sysytem with a larger amount hopefully someone will post with more details. Also whatever you do make sure you keep a copy of everything you send, and send it recoreded delivery. I've kept everything in a committed folder with all the letters and the little orenge slip stapled to the letter. Hope this Helps Andy
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