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  1. Hi, Just to clarify something. The email trail between myself and HR was as follows:- HR - "We are offering a pool car to you while the Essential Cars Users are being decided. Please see the attached list of card available. I will let ING know that you are eligible for a pool car." Me - "A pool car would be good. Can you just confirm for me exactly how the pool car system works. What are the costs involved and do I need to pay per month?" HR - "Due to your situation there will be no cost involved for you with the lease of the car. The car will be yours to use until we decid
  2. Hi, My contract stated nothing about allowance or car. The covering letter stated that the allowance was offered as part of the package and as an "Essential User" I could choose a car using the company scheme with ING. I never got the chance to choose a small car (to allow me to keep some money from the allowance back to cover the tax payments). As far as income tax is concerned I have been paying a high price for the car as its emissions/engine size are large. It has been shown as a company car on my tax forms although I had contacted the inland revenue in the past to explain that t
  3. Hi, This is a little different to all other 'employer overpaid' questions I think. In 2008, I was promoted to a new role that included a contractual bonus plus car allowance. I was also offered a car from the company scheme. As I was in discussion with ING about the cars and their relevant costs to me (which would be paid from my allowance) I was told that my employer had changed their policy and I may now not be eligible for a car. I asked my HR department and they told me that they were in the process of working out who would be allowed cars. They said I could have one of the pool
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