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  1. Cheers buzby i'll let you know how i get on ;o)
  2. Thanks for the reply buzby i hope your right it's a long time i should had it back in feb 2010 after i seen the neuroligist in hospital he said when you take a first fit you only have to wait 6 months now for your license he said to apply and said i was fit to drive i dont understand how it could take them between 6-8 weeks it's taken them 6months already and they said could be another 2 month what are the dvla doctors investigating if they have all the paper work from the doctor they requested me to be advised says im fit to drive , do you think i should get my license back in 2 month without
  3. Yip i've ticked a box by misstake hope i get my license back ok
  4. They said because i ticked some box on 1 of the forms a full investigation thats why they revoked it and the doctors at dvla are deciding if im fit enough to hold a driving license said can take a further 2 months
  5. Im sure you go to a lawyer he can raise a court action if he beleives there is enough evidence . i don't know the cost or if legal aid covers it
  6. Hello Digital Friends , i realy need advice here i would be most greatfull if anyone has any information regarding my questions listed bellow or could offer any advice thanks DVLA has been acting unlawfully and does not have the powers it thinks it has when it comes to pushing motorists around. I took a first fit sezuire in 2009 after watching my gran die in hospital she took 4 heart attacks before she passed away i never seen anything like it before. The next day in the hospital the neuroligist said my results showed in the cat scan it was caused by a lack of oxigen going to the brai
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