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  1. Aaah! Thanks JH101. I'll call Tower Hamlets tomorrow, and see what they can do to help. I assume it's TH that I need to get to put the bailiff activity on hold; if I succeed in doing that, then once I've been paid, I should just need to call TH and pay them over the phone? Thanks so much!
  2. Thanks guys, I'm feeling a lot less worried. I definitely won't let the bailiff in either, should I be around next time he calls. Car battery is currently charging (it went flat after standing for 2 weeks =[), and I'll move it somewhere away from my house tomorrow morning. How does getting in touch with the council work? I've been gone from their area for 7 months now, and they were never a particularly helpful bunch... In terms of the excessive charges that seem to have been applied, how do I go about actually getting some sort of statement from them? As I said before, I'm happ
  3. That gives me hope. How far away do I need to park it? Are they able to do DVLA lookups on vehicles to figure out who owns them, and, should I assume that since he's been here already, he's probably already checked out all the cars that were here? I'd drive it to my friend's place in Cambridge if it had an MOT, but, that ran out at the beginning of the month, and I've been waiting to have enough cash to be able to get that done - until then, I can't really drive it anywhere without risking a fixed penalty. If just parking it away from my home is sufficient, then I'll drive it around
  4. Hi Folks, I've been lurking here (as an unregistered user) for a while, but never posted before. I guess I figured so long as I ignored my council tax debt, it would magically go away. It hasn't. Today, when I arrived home, I found a hand delivered "Notice of bailiff having visited" from Phoenix Commercial Collections, stating that I have 24 hours to come up with £302.25, or to let him take the few items of worth I have in my house, and likely, my car. I don't have all the paperwork to hand, but, the backstory is something along these lines: I moved house from London (Tow
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