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  1. Thank you the shadow yes it was linked to a mortgage. Not sure about the PPI - can't find anything This is all they have sent - no terms and conditions. They are calling loads now - my 8 year old daughter answered the phone when i was at the shop (her dad was here), they asked for me and when she said i wasn't here they as good as accused her of lying! Please help
  2. Oh wow!! thanks guys. I will try to work out how to use the scanner! 5 1/2 years is from the last payment made - after this we asked for the CA although not sure on the date of this now as it was all on an old computer that has long since died. SAR may be the way to go!
  3. Yes it is the agreement. No idea if it is enforceable! I expect so as it was with a big company some 12 years ago.
  4. Well 5 1/2 years after our last payment on a old credit card - plus 2 letters from the company saying they didn't have the agreement - we have now been contacted by equidebt who say that they have the agreement, which they have sent, and want all £8000 back now. I thought it all seemed to good to be true:-(
  5. No worries - name and shame!! Prestige Publishing of Exeter
  6. Hi I've still got the gift but not the packaging although we do still have the magazine. The damage was minimal and has completely healed now. I'm not really looking for anything other than an apology for my daughter - i don't know maybe a free magazine as a goodwill gesture or something. I'm not looking for compensation just really really pee'd off with their response!
  7. Hi, about a month ago I bought my 6 year old daughter a magazine which had a free toy set on the front. The toy set included 4 crocodile clips amoungst other things. When we returned home she opened the packet straight away and went to put one of the clips in her hair - next thing I know she's hysterically screaming with the clip stuck to her finger. I had to pull the clip out and there was a lot of blood but nothing worse than a few tears and a sore thumb thereafter. Basically the clips have a coiled piece of metal to help them retract when pushed and the metal on this clip (not on the others) had been left long and so when she pressed the clip it embedded into her thumb. Now i'm not one of these to run down the sue sue sue route but I was angry and so decided to ring up the publishers to give them a swift telling off. There was no address in the magazine just a publishers name and postcode - i looked them up on google but couldn't find them, I then searched for publishers with that postcode and found another company name so rang them. Turns out they are the same company who took my details and said they'd get someone to ring me back, a week later and nothing so I called them again, again took my details but still heard nothing. I'm getting realled annoyed at this point and decide to contact them and ask for the name of the person who would deal with the complaint so that I can write to them. This is a brief transcript of my conversation... Me : hello is that xxxxx publishing Them: why? Me: because i'd like a contact name and address to send a letter to please Them: oh right it is us then but i don't know our address Me:Pardon?? you don't know you're address? how ever to you manage to get to work! Is your manager there? Them: No Me: Ok when will they be back? Them: don't know Me: Can I take their name? Them: no and hang up!!!!! Now initially I just wanted to give them a piece of my mind but am livid that they've not even apologised and are so blatantly rude! I have contacted TS who are 'looking into it' but I just don't know what to do now. Any ideas welcome!!
  8. Oh god!! can't believe they've pulled it - i wouldn't have been able to have done the course without it. Does the college offer any childcare help - i used to get 90% before the other scheme was introduced. I know any funding from student support is on a first come first serve basis (well it was at mine anyway) - and there was a limited amount of money in the pot. What pathway were you doing or was it just a general access to HE? Could you do A levels in the evening instead? or OU courses?
  9. Hi, I've just finished an Access course and got 100% child care paid by a scheme called 'free childcare while you learn and train for work' - is this the same thing??
  10. I appreciate that but what annoyes me is that they aren't paying the money to BT for the line rental, they're pocketing it! (or at least they will when i pay them:grin:)
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