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  1. How detrimental is a single late payment marker? Got one just recently and I gather they stay on the CRFs for 4, 5 sometimes 6 years?
  2. That's what I needed to know. Thanks. Sorry if my question appeared obtuse.
  3. I never said "sale." The banks often have DCA divisions. I believe CDCS belomgs to Barclays, but may be wrong. I'm fine with that! The question stands; if a creditor passes their account to a DCA they own, are these being reported separately as settled and as defaults as per post #1?
  4. Sorry, just to clarify, they are now showing the same debt as "settled" with the OC and as a "Default" with the DCA? Out of curiosity, in yuor experience is this the case where the OC and the DCA are part of the same organisation eg Barclays / CDCS ?
  5. So you recommend a letter to Lloyds, as opposed to Equifax, pointing out the duplication?
  6. Hi m8. I already have the SAR and its defo the SAME debt. The DCA purchased it from Lloyds earlier in the year. On Equifax there are TWO entries - both with Defaults recorded for this same debt. Interestingly, on Experian the Lloyds debt was simply changed to the name of the DCA, so just the one entry there. Equifax is the problem.
  7. ok, but does that mean the "settled" one - which still has a red "Default" blob on the payments history - stays on my file for 6 years afetr Arrow settled it or does it come off on the anniversary it defaulted?
  8. "I have absolutely no idea what this debt is for or indeed who Arrow Global are." Perhaps they haven't purchased it. Thats the point isn't it.
  9. right so it is possible to have two defaults filed for the same debt then. because that's what it is. 2 "Default" markers for the same debt, same start date, same default sum, same default date. Just 2 separate entries now. Great.
  10. clearly an outfit that knows his name and address. i'd want to know how they got that info.
  11. personally i'd send a full subjcet access request to see what they have on you
  12. Had a loan with Lloyds defaulted in 2006. Earlier this year they sold the account to Wescot. lloyds marked my CRFs as "settled." The default is still there, but settled. Wescot have just filed the same debt (which they now own) as a default with the CRAs. The dates for both are the same (2006 default) but can they file 2 separate entries for the one debt?
  13. If the default is genuinely unfair then the FOS can order the creditor to remove it. Complain to the FOS.
  14. Anyone know the fax number for Experian's customer services dept?
  15. Not sure if this is the right place to ask (?) but does anyone know the name and address for the Halifax data compliance manager?
  16. I took out a loan with Barclays with single premium PPI. That loan was settled early and the balance, inclusive of a tranch of the PPI sold with the first loan, was transferred to a new loan. Defaulted a few years back and have been on an AP with Barclays since. I have made a PPI claim via the FOS and the quantum of PPI rebate is still being negotiated with the OC. I have an adjudication in my favour but the amount of PPI carried over to the new loan is debated. The new loan has been sold to a company specialising in bad debt. This took place during the dispute being handled by the FOS. This company have instructed Freds to collect the debt. The new owner of the debt have said that because the dispute with Barclays relates to PPI, "a separate product from the loan account" that they do not accept that they have breached the OFT guidelines in instructing a DCA to collect. My point is that because the sum owed under the loan is in dispute (because of the carry over of the single PPI into the new loan) that it is not a separate issue and that the OFT guidance on collecting on a prior disputed debt stands. Any thoughts and or experience to share with me on this one?
  17. Read the small print: "Prizes are paid in Zimbabwean dollars."
  18. Have just taken a call from my adjudicator. He says that Egg hav agreed to recall the account from Arrow! Result!!!
  19. what made me smile today: the banks' credit ratings being downgraded http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-15211230 especially Santander
  20. By the way MiD, why not start your own Arrow thread?
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