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  1. My email to EDF I have recently had a bill showing that i was over £1400 in credit. I rang EDF and checked to ensure that this was correct, it was checked and apparently i have been over paying since i moved into my house in july 2006. The meter had been changed and EDF were reading the meter the wrong way. I have stuggled to make the gas payments over the years, I had rang EDF to advise that i thought i was using alot more than my neighbours but was told it was all fine. At one point i owed so much on the account that i was making myself ill worrying about it. As well as paying several t
  2. I got a gas bill last week that showed i was £1416.20 in CREDIT. I thought this must have been a mistake and rang EDF. On checking the lady said that a new meter had been insalled in 2006, just before I moved into my house. Edf have worked out that they were reading the meter incorrectly. Since moving in, i couldn't work out why i was paying so much for gas, i rang EDf a couple of times and they said i was using the average amount. At one point i owed them over £600.00. This put me under so much stress that i extended my personnal loan to cover it. I was also paying 2-3 times what i should be
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