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  1. We were very very lucky, the rail company decided to settle out of court, giving us a fine plus administration charges which we have now paid and the whole issue is now resolved. I will never ever being doing this again and will think before doing anything rash!! Again, thank you for all your advice much appreciated.
  2. Thanks both Old-CodJA and Wriggler7 for taking the time to reply. Reading various posts and your responses to this type of case has been most helpful. All I can do is expect the worst and hope for the best!
  3. Wriggler7 - Thank you for responding back, much appreciated. I will wait and see what the letter says and take it from there.
  4. Hi Gleamcat22 What was the outcome in the end? I have a similar story.
  5. Hi ABC I've been reading your post about you geting caught using your husband's travel pass and wanted to know what the outcome was in the end. I gave my husbnad my monthly pass to use with his photo ID and he got caught with it this morning. The inspector said to expect a letter soon with a fine and that he will get a criminal record. We will of course pay the fine but want to avoid a criminal record. Your advice on this is much appreciated.
  6. Please help. I know this is the most stupidest thing anyone can do and I'm not making any excuses for it, however need some advice. I offered my monthly travel pass to my husband as he was running late and I did not want him to miss his train, he took it without hesitation. This morning he was caught using my monthly travel pass on the c2c with his own photocard. The inspector took both his photocard and the pass itself and said that he would be getting a letter about being fined and prosecuted for using someone else's pass. We are both terribly concerned that he may get a criminal record, we will take on any penalty that comes our way as we know that this was a big mistake to do and the transport people take this offence very seriously. Can someone please advise on how he can avoid getting a criminal record as he doesn't want to have to lose his job and face embarrasement. Please do not critiscise, we both know that this was a big mistake and regret it terribly. Any advice given is much appreciated.
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