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  1. Thanks all. I didn't fight them on contract as it was the wrong road. Fought them on harassment and tort. Claim has now been paid in full Hopefully company changes their policies.
  2. Ok - thanks. It's all about what will be said to set the precedence. Don't have to win
  3. Thanks SS. I am going down the road of Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 and have testimonies from others who have received the same treatment. Would this be enough?
  4. Just a quick update, company told me I would lose for the normal reasons that you see in the movies!!! I said I'd take my chances with the evidence and laws I have now gathered. Have been offered some petty cash to compensate and cover small claims fee. I have thanked them and declined the offer and re-offered a potential way where both parties look like they win ;-) So haven't gone to small claims yet. Guess it's all about practicing negotiations before court happens!
  5. I do find it amazing how private companies that serve the public can get away with forcing "consumers" to tell them how to improve their processes by threatening legal action and having to go thru the ombudsman to sort out crap. So either way, it will be an education and thus I should be a better contributor to this forum .
  6. Thanks folks. Yes they do know about the invoices but did not want to acknowledge them. I have served the invoices to the company again and this time via email (as they opened up email comms to me) + all communications that they refused to acknowledge. Ok here it goes..... The company had written an illegal charge to me. I responded and warned the company that my time is billable should they engage me and waste my time and told them why their charge was invalid and to drop it. The company rejected my response and appeared to accept my billable time. They followed on with a further correspondence threatening to start legal proceedings should I refuse to pay their invalid charge, breaching their own code of practice and conduct. As I was not in town when that correspondence arrived, my partner nearly paid the illegal charge! Thankfully the payment had not been sent and I shredded it. I was forced to research for them and identify issues in their own processes in order for the charge to be dropped. This costed me 2 days in time. So I sent them some invoices as stated in my first communication should they engage me and which they had not rejected in any of their communications. They ignored my latter communications that contained invoices. I decided to go ahead and engage them in legal proceedings as I do not like bully companies that try to screw members of the public with fear. And here we are with one of the directors stating the company never received any further correspondence from me. The mailing address is to a PO Box.
  7. Sorry chaps - can't say too much at the moment. I will let you know once all has been and gone. It appears that a certificate of posting will be accepted in court And if it isn't it will potentially mean everyone can say they never received stuff through the post ;-) and you can cite my case!
  8. Hey AS - perhaps check in with CAB and see what they can advise.
  9. Ok - thanks - however would a judge accept a company denying receiving post?
  10. Hi all. There is a whole long story but to cut the story short, I sent a company 3 correspondence. The last 2 correspondences contained invoices for my time. After nearly a month of no response, I decided to take them to the small claims. Instantly a director has responded to me by email and says they will not be paying those invoices. After a number of email exchanges and me repeatedly asking if the company had received my invoices, he finally said they did not receive my correspondence and warned me to drop the case against them otherwise it would result in costs to me! I have a certificate of posting for all correspondences and invoices. In court would a judge say that it is possible that the company did not receive the correspondence and hence invalidate my claim?
  11. Had a friend who had something similar. She went for option 2. 1. Do you have photography evidence of the house before + signed inventory that indicates state of property? 2. Do you have photography evidence of the house after of the said damage + check out clerk's report? On hindsight, could have also asked someone from the insurance company to assess the damage done.
  12. Agree with Stu. Get in touch with the Council. They will send someone over to do a health & safety check on the property.
  13. What an awful situation! My neighbour had water gushing out of her house for some days. It took 6-8 weeks for the place to dry out with dehumidifiers on in the house 24x7. Sounds like the HA are doing a hash job. Worst will be if you move in, there is still dampness and then black mould growth. Defo ensure you get a damp certificate before putting in any soft furnishings and moving back in plus everything Caro and stu say.
  14. Middle Earth is North Wales? P.S. I loooove North Wales.
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