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  1. Thank You Sidewinder Got a message on my phone saying she went in but has since left early due to being far too upset said she is going to doctors and she would ring me later. Its a bit awkward because I am literally on my hols and not in the workplace to fully understand myself what has occurred. But many thanks for your responses
  2. She has another meeting tomorrow so hopefully will find out more. We have a HR chap but he seems biased to the company desires and not impartial and has been said to have stuck the boot in himself in other disciplinary's that have occurred. We don't have any Union representation so only people she can pull in to give support in any disciplinary / appeal is a co-worker company won't allow externals (I do not know if that's lawful or not?) The events are very OTT and for want of a better word (Petty) Adults being childish case of once the bull-eye is painted all options are looked at for pushing out. I was reading some other stuff that kind of gave me the impression at a minimum she should have a for want of a better word job evaluation for if she is up to the task & opportunity to improve before they could demote but this was a general net info and I know not if this has any true weighting. I did read she has to appeal demotion else it can be considered acceptance on her part and she loses the right to appeal later on.
  3. Not myself but a co-worker Been some fun and games at work which resulted in a falling out so co-worker at one point blankly refused to talk to another co-worker. Side effect of this has also resulted in a relatively new Customer services manager reporting her for being rude and unprofessional. This has escalated today between her boss (Quality Assurance manager) and (Operations Director). Net result is Ops Director is supposedly having her demoted down into std factory worker out of her Quality assurance Role. She has worked there 13 years and tells me she has no written warning to her name. Can she be just demoted like that ? does she have any defence i.e. lack of warnings/disciplinary's ? Also due to other work daftness she has been on Anti-depressants for last 6 months Doctor was prepared to signer off for 2 weeks some time back but she disregarded and carried on working this is known by bosses. She is at breaking point and this could be last straw that breaks what little sanity / will to live she has left she tries her best but gets knocked down in everything she does even though you can fault the reasons for her upholding what she believes is right within her QA role.
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