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  1. i have had a read of both of those posts, but cant find anywhere that states number of visits allowed at a chargeable rate, or what that rate is. Is there something in black and white law that states what charges can be charged and how? also tried looking up the Road Traffic Debts Order but couldnt find conclusive answers... I just "assumed" there would be a simple formula that these companies had to abide by when collecting a debt. It doesnt seem right that they can call out to collect a debt charging a made up amount every time, and then posting a letter through my door with a new bal
  2. thanks for the replies, does anyone actually know if there is a legal amount of times bailiffs can call for a parking ticket, and if there is a legal document outlining the amounts charged per call out?
  3. Cheers for the reply, bust as these are hogh court enforcement officers, they wobt take me to court for the fines., they will come and "collect" them i wanted to know the legal standing of the fees
  4. I have had a long running battle with andrew james and ciuncil regarding parking charges and c tax. I was due to pay the final 304 monday but wont be able to until tomorrow, explained this but had visit this morning. No knock on door, just came downstairs to two letters. Council tax had had second visit fee of 14 added parking ticket has had 3rd visit fee of 70 added neither letter says they have added money. They both just have increased arrears. Andrew james have said that they could charge 30 visit fees on a parking ticket if they want to, only c tax has the 2 visit rule
  5. little bit of advice....They monitor these forums quite often so anything you write on here will be picked up on and if you think what youve written here puts you one step ahead.... it wont because they will read it.Secondly, not something i would ever normally say here, but i have had dealings with them recently, and i have been a bit late paying them. Through speaking to them they allowed me a fortnight to pay them, no charges and they were quite decent which isnt something i would have thought i would find myself saying.....?
  6. Yep made a formal complaint and the result was they have removed the last set of fees including the levy fees so from £750+ the debt is down to £384 and they are willing to allow payment in three monthly installments. I rang the head today to explain i was unhappy with the charges and he said that as far as he is concerned all charges are allowed and legal, and the council will stand by these charges. He also said that i i wanted to take legal action to go ahead because the legal action would be against the bailiffs and not the council. He also said if i wanted to take media action i
  7. I spoke to the head of parking today, and he has said that the fees set within the council allow Andrew James to charge multiple fees to multiple accounts, including levying. I was told that it is allowed for a bailiff to attend once, and place the attendance charges on multiple accounts, and that if i have a complaint it is with the bailiffs and has nothing to do with the council. Does anyone have any advice about this?
  8. no im in completely the same boat as you, 2 accounts and multiple fees charged on both accounts. I have argued tooth and nail with council and bailiffs but its not easy. Im struggling to find law that states a bailiff cannot charge a fee twice when collecting on multiple accounts. Just thought someone might have already shown you where to find these laws.. On a more positive note, after getting MP's involved, threats of legal action and media action, i have had my debt taken from £750+ down to £380. But im still refusing to pay as this will mean the bailiffs will end up with approx 3/4
  9. more than out of interest, with you seeming knowledge of the computer industry, surely there's something you can do to generate income? Not in the slightest questioning your motives or reasons behind not working, just surprised that someone with a knowledge of I.T like you seem to have couldnt find suitable work.
  10. im not sure if it has already been answered to you in pm, or somewhere on this thread that i have missed, but is there a law regarding charging multiple fines for multiple LO's when collecting under one account. I.E can a 1st visit fee and levy for 1 vehicle be charged to you on both accounts?
  11. doesnt happen often, being wrong the reason your on this site in the first place is because of two offences 1. Drunk and Disorderly 2. A mention of riding on the pavement. I think you will find that in the eyes of the law that both of these offences would be considered as wrong. And the fact that the bailiffs are now involved would also suggest you have done something else wrong. Maybe in your own little world your perfect, but i think the bigger picture shows your an arguementative person with a bad attitude. Granted you will come back with some witty response, but the fact th
  12. the one thing i would suggest is just trying to keep on good terms on here. I love to argue and hate to be proved wrong, or disagreed with, however on here im happy to because the advice i hae been given is in valuable. Whilst i hope that i dont ever need to use these forums again once my ongoing case is finished with, no doubt i will in the near future and there is no other site like this. Granted the CAB are a very good source of help and info, but they have no where near the collective knowledge you can gain on here, 24/7... If you had a problem at 9am on a sunday, this forum may help
  13. I however can also report that the majority of people on this site do it free of charge, and the advise i have received however has been 100% spot on and a massive help to me and my family. Ignorance is no doubt how the majority of people end up on here. Afterall surely had the drunk and disorderly fine been paid back in 1999 it would never have recahed this stage of £1000+ but ignorance along the way has caused this. I find it so annoying coming on here and reading stories where people are a little ungreatful for the time taken by others on here to try and help someone struggling. Anyway,
  14. Right then an update... It has been agreed by the council to remove the most recent charges for the levy and move back to the original debt of £384 paid monthly at £128. This however makes no reference to the fact that Andrew James have applied illegal tactics with regards to totting up the fees on my account, and no mention of this was made in the letter to me. My main question is do i just accept ive been lucky that they have halved the bill, or to i still take on andrew james? I realise Andrew James have incurred some costs when chasing this "debt" but i just dont think it warrants them ch
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