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  1. Still waiting to hear they I keep writing to them but they never write back only phone!! To offer a Rollover! I have since changed my bank account etc I sent them a cheque at the end of last week for the £175 monthly payment I had offered them and have asked them to contact me in writing if they will accept these monthly payments with interest frozen. Fingers crossed
  2. Hi i'm new to this but i'm am looking for help. I have had a £850 pay day loan with Cheque Centres which I have bought back for the past 20 months! I am currently off work and awaiting surgery to enable me to return to work. I will receive half pay in Sept this will only last 4 months then on to benefits I guess. I have a 12 week wait for surgery. My financial difficulties started about 18 months. I am on my own with 3 kids. My dad died suddenly and he had been my child care for the 3 kids. I had to reduce my hours to part time and pay child I do receive some help from tax credits. I emailed c
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