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  1. Wow. How depressing. How on earth are normal people meant to know this sort of thing. I would have obviously paid the fine whilst I had the chance had I been told there was no chance of paying at the discounted rate once I had actually received the rejection. Thanks for your help. I've donated to the site.
  2. Hi guys, Further developements on this. I decided I was just going to pay the fine at the reduced rate of £60. They've refused to let me do this as they say they gave me the option of paying at the reduced rate over the phone. I initially rang up to the tell them I'd not received the informal rejection and at that point they gave me the option of paying at the reduced rate. I refused to do this naturally as I didn't want to pay the fine without having seen the rejection letter. After some to-ing and fro-ing they agreed to send me a copy of the letter on the basis that I c
  3. Thanks for the quick response Green. It's an "Enforcement Notice".
  4. Hi guys, Great site. I wondered if anyone can help me? I got caught by a camera parking in a bay in a bus lane in Haringey. I appealed against the fine (I won't bore you with the details as it's probably not relevent to my query). The appeal was acknowledged but I didn't receive a response. The next piece of correspondence I received was a notice telling me my fine had increased since I failed to pay the original amount. I got this well over 2 months after my initial appeal. I rang Haringey and spoke to a lady there, who informed me that a response to my appeal was sent abo
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