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  1. I ordered a car seat for my LO on the 30th of Jan, at the time I arranged a delivery date for 11th Feb, this was confirmed in my order email from them. Today, less than 24hrs before the delivery date i get an email from them saying that there is a new "estimated" delivery date of the 28th Feb. I also found out they havnt taken payment yet as they havnt received the seat. Is there anything I can do about this?Do i have any rights, theyve really screwed me over as i now dont have a car seat for my LO that is safe and made appointments that required me to have it that will now have to probabl
  2. just read up on the govt scheme.... the property wont qualify as it has to be a new build from a registered developer... i think the not new build help kicks in next year...
  3. from digging around on other sites and help from other forums im gathering that its being classed as a new build flat because its leasehold and was vacant when it was painted etc, which is ludicrous... and from what ive seen, there are 2 kinds of new build.... a new buy which is in fact new and the above rule i would have thought applied... and a new build.... a term invented to imply an older property is magically regenerated when in reality its had a new kitchen etc. what a load of rubbish! and yes it has always been a purpose built maisonette. we do have another mortgage lined up but i
  4. I am a 1st time buyer and have recently started to purchase a 1930s maisonette. We started to get our mortgage together and got to the point of having the mortgage valuation survey done. It came back and to our surprise they claimed it was a new build!... out IFA double checked this but the mortgage companies surveyors are sticking by their guns as the property had a lick of paint in each room, new carpets, a bathroom and kitchen fitted whilst no one was in residents there. This has meant that our original mortgage is now null and void as new build properties can only have a max 75% mortgag
  5. Bump, Im getting pretty scared now that she is going act illegally toward me when i write to hand my notice in and i will end up homeless and pregnant. Ive tried to get legal assistance however i dont qualify for legal aid and i cant afford solicitors fees, so if anyone has any help they could offer i would be very grateful. Thanks
  6. Right, so historic entries even if they stretch back prior to the 6 years are still visible then and thus i and other people will always be able to see them? I am certain of the July date for it becoming statue barred as it was the last date that anyone acknowledged it by payment or in writing, i have checked. I made sure of this a few years back when i found out what had happened and they were in fact chasing me and not the **** bag whose debt it actually was (i was such i naive child when i was younger, hence the awful mess i let myself get into). Anyway i found my way here, and than
  7. So technically im debt free from the end of this month . But if i have to wait a couple more months to apply for stuff, then thats what ill do. Stupidly i let an ex take advantage of my name when i was younger and have been clearing it up ever since, a very hard lesson to learn. I will check back in september to ensure that the old settled accounts are beginning to drop off and then again in december to check that the default has gone, if not i will contact equifax to get it removed. Apart from that my credit history is lovely and shiny and has been since 2006. Thanks ever
  8. Thanks renegadeimp, After looking a bit more am i right in understanding the account information becomes invisible on credit checks 6 years after its last entry even if i can see it myself? So technically accounts that were settled and ended in 06 but I can still see all payment history for since 2004 will become invisible in sept 2012? And my larger worry... The defaulted account.... 1. last acknowledgement and payment made in July 06, thus this month am i right in thinking it becomes statute bared? 2. Default issued in Nov 06, so does this mean i have to wait u
  9. Hello, Sorry that my question is a little basic but like most new people im having trouble getting my head around the rules. Plus i have terrible baby brain at the moment! After a long 6 years of repairing my credit history (which is now in the excellent category! ) I have just checked my equifax report, as i will shortly be needing to apply for a mortgage, to find out that I can still view old credit agreements including late payments and a default which stretch back past the 6 year limit. are equifax displaying this information on my credit checks and are they allowed to? should
  10. Hello Mariner51, and thank you for your speedy reply. The answers to your questions are as follows: 1. Can you say whether you & flatmates have sep ind Ts for room only & shared facilities - yes we all have separate contracts. 2. Are all Ts wishing to vacate? - There are 3 of us. Myself and one other flat mate will be leaving, although I will be the first to go. 3. Does LL live in the premises? - No she does not, and never has. 4. Was your tenancy contractual or assured shorthold? - my tenancy was an assured shorthold tenancy. 5. When/if did it become SP
  11. This may seem a little basic, but after reading previous threads and sticky's i cannot find what im looking for..... basically I am about to go into battle with a LL that is essentially Janine Butcher and need to do everything by the book so there are no loop holes for her to climb through. I am about to terminate my short-hold periodic tenancy agreement after just over 5 years living in my current address due to my pregnancy (which she does not know about, although i think she or her family members have been in my room without permission so may well do) and the fact her behaviour has bee
  12. thanks FS! sent it today, as i managed to find confirmation that i was the correct letter on another thread, recorded delivery and have kept a copy with the receipt stapled to it in a safe place
  13. righteo, is this the letter i should be sending off? or is there another more up to date template im missing? Cheers! ACCOUNT IN DISPUTE Date: Ref: Dear Sir/Madam Thank you for your letter of xx/xx/xx, the contents of which have been noted. You have failed to respond to my legal request to supply me a true copy of the original Consumer Credit Agreement for the above account. On **DATE** I made a formal request for a true signed agreement for the alleged account under consumer credit Act 1974 s77/8. This was signed for as delivered on the **DATE** You ha
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