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  1. Many thanks DJ, will jump all over it. The O/S balance is £3100, so this could get very interesting!!! Cheers Scoffa
  2. Hi all, Please can someone advise regarding the above figures, post, DJ or dx100 - if you guys are available to assist I would greatly appreciate it. Many thanks Scoffa
  3. Please can someone urgently help me calculate how much PPI to claim. I tried to use the calculator in the PPI section, but the figure doesn't seem correct to me. Figures as follows: Key Financial Info: Total amount of credit = £3017.95 Amount of credit for Insurances = £1017.95 Amount of Credit for Cash Advance = £2000.00 Loan duration = 36 month Monthly Payment = £163.58 APR = 63.44% Other Financial Info: 1st Customer Personal Accident Plan = £175.00 PPI = £842.95 Total Insurance = £1017.95 Acceptance Fee = £75.00 Interest Charge = £2795.95 Total Charge for Credit = £2870.95 Rate of interest per annum = 60.10% Loan Disbursement date 23/11/07 If you need anything else please let me know. Many thanks
  4. Hi there, Can anyone help me calculate the figures above please. Thanks
  5. Hi Beyond, Have now received the agreement and as I suspected they have charged PPI and some accident plan. I tried to use the calculator in the PPI section to calculate how much I should claim back, but the figure looks out to me. Please can you or someone help me check how much to claim? Figures as follows: 1st Customer Personal Accident Plan = £175.00 PPI = £842.95 _____________________ Total Insurance = £1017.95 ______________________ APR = 63.44% Rate of Interest per annum = 60.10% Loan duration = 36 month Loan Disbursement date 23/11/207 If you need anything else please let me know. Many thanks.
  6. PPI Forum hereunder: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/forumdisplay.php?111-Payment-Protection-Insurance-(PPI)
  7. Hi Beyond, Quick update: As expected didn't get a complete reply to the SAR or the subsequent letter. Did get an offer to settle the account at 50%....mmmmm me thinks NOT! Have now sent a formal complaint and CCA request at the same time. Next step FOS and County Court for enforcement order. Such an annoyance. Hope all well with you. Cheers
  8. Hi beyond, Sorry to be a pain but could you point me in the direction of a template letter to claim PPI and charges. I have searched everywhere including the libraries and either I'm a complete dough-nut or just blind, I can't seem to find anything. Thanks Cheers
  9. Thanks beyond, As always................you are a great comfort and inspiration. Will keep you updated. Have a good one Cheers.
  10. Hi loopylil, Thanks for the reply, I will make use of the ICO and FOS if WFS do not reply within the prescribed time frames. I fully intend claiming back the PPI and all charges as well, however I still need to get all the documentation from them so I can try to fathom all of their little tricks out. A pain staking process so far, but those who are patient reap the rewards. Good luck and please keep us posted of your progress. Cheers
  11. Hi Beyond, Just a quick update: I received a reply from HC saying matter was referred back to Lewis, so all good there. Still waiting for rest of documents re: SAR. I noticed a thread here saying that WFS / DCA's are allowed to post here now? Is this not going to open up the posters on here to more and another means of abuse from WFS and DCA's....and will we still be able to get good advice or will all those who give us such wonderful and helpful advice leave the site? Sorry, just a tad concerned. If WFS or DCA's joined here on the basis of genuinely wanting to offer assistance and advice....well then that might be of benefit to us, however as we know WFS and DCA's prefer the bully tactics I personally cannot see any reason for allowing them to post here. Hope all is well with you, Cheers for now.
  12. Hi beyond, I think you may have a point, a bit too much detail regarding original CCA and new CCA. I'm going to remove that sentence and then send registered. Many thanks
  13. Hi beyond, Please would you have a look at the attached and let me know if it's ok. Many thanks Howard Cohen.pdf
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