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  1. Thanks for your reply. I am living in neither, but one of EU countries. Would they blackmail foreign drivers?
  2. I got a 'penalty charge notice' in Oslo, Norway from EUROPark, which states to be 'a member of APCOA Group'. On the back, it says that the private parking area that I parked in is run in accordance with the Norwegian standard terms of private parking enforcement. The Norwegian terms they posted on their website is this: The owner of privately owned land has the right to freely determine the conditions for use of and passage over such land. EuroPark and InterPark offer parking and administer regulation of use of private land in accordance with the agreements between the parking company and the owner of the land. Such agreements mean that parking company, on behalf of the owner, determine the conditions for use, enter into contracts for parking on a short or long time basis and administer the enforcement of applicable parking conditions. The applicable conditions are displayed on signposts at the parking area in question. Legal precedent states that by entering onto an area which is regulated on a Norwegian civil law basis, it is considered that a contract has been entered into between the user (driver) and the landowner. In areas which are regulated or administered by EuroPark or InterPark, EuroPark or InterPark represent the landowner. The preconditions for a contract shall be deemed to be fulfilled as long as comprehensive conditions of use (parking) are displayed on signposts which are easily visible. The driver of a vehicle is by entering onto the area deemed to have accepted these conditions. I am confused whether to pay or not, and worried because the APCOA group also has a branch here. Opinions would be appreciated..
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