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  1. I know this thread is a bit old but thought I'd pitch in with today's events. I had a wonga loan - probably about 4yrs old if I'm honest. No payments made, loan sold or transferred to pra. Not exactly chased for the debt after I told them a while ago to go forth and multiply when they rang and caught me at a bad time. Can't honestly remember how much they claimed I owed. Verbally disputed the amount a few times etc. Today, I had an email from wonga to say my debt had been written off due to the new affordability rules!! They have recalled the account from pra and removed the default from my credit file. Bonus!!
  2. I am very sorry to hear of your mums passing but can I ask what has given you cause for concern about the lcp? Please don't believe everything you read in the media about it. The lcp, in my experience, is a good tool to aid a dignified death. I have experience of it both personally & professionally.
  3. Letters? From Mmf? All I ever got were texts! Try not to worry too much hun. You have proof you've tried to come to an arrangement & they're ignoring you. If (and it's a big IF) court were ever brought into the picture they will be the ones looking stupid!
  4. Ok, lets look at it from another angle. In an ideal world, what would you get from a care coordinator? Try & temper it with realism. We are humans. We care or we wouldn't be doing the job. While I'm at work, supervising and coordinating multiple people's care, I am also supervising students - both nurses & junior doctors - so there is somebody to take over when we retire. I'm dealing with ridiculous bureaucracy within social services & I don't even work for them. I'm attending urgent cases to try & avoid admissions. I'm trying desperately to get somebody who is really ill to even engage with services in the first place. So forgive me if we have to prioritise our caseload. I love my job. I love my colleagues & I have a wonderful team leader who has just been offered redundancy. So who gets the pleasure of leading the team? Somebody on less pay with potentially less experience & knowledge. Oh and by the way, I can get more money in the private sector.
  5. I'm a care coordinator for the elderly mental health team. I can assure you my job involves an awful lot more than ticking boxes. If anyone has an issue with their CCO then they need to discuss it with the team leader or their consultant psychiatrist.
  6. I've just got a simple ego. It does the trick for me. Currently, I'm using red bull flavour (a fave) and have got peach schnapps & cherry bakewell lined up x
  7. A lot of us have had the dubious honour of dealings with them recently. The best for me was when they left an automated threat message one day while I was in work. Hubby phoned them up as he had no idea who they wanted. He gave the reference number supplied and spoke to a threat monkey. Said threat monkey disclosed that they were chasing a debt blah blah blah. Hubby informed them that he was an ex trading standards enforcement officer and they'd just breached the dpa. (All true btw) and threat monkey cacked themself! I've not heard from them since! Shame really cos I could've had some fun with that......
  8. I've got a 4.5mth old pup who was very nibbly & mouthy. Even bit hubby & broke skin about a week ago. What we do is yelp Ow! if he's biting clothes, arms, feet anything. His bite inhibition is improving daily now. We also offer him an alternative to chew at that point & it seems to be working xx
  9. Honey, I've done the same myself a few years ago. The best advice I can give you is check out gamblers anonymous. They will help you with your gambling issues. Be honest with your other half. He will rant & rave & be angry. He loves you. He will be the rock you need to get through this. And you will get through this. Believe me, believe in yourself & believe in your partner. I managed to tell mine & he's a scary bleeder when he gets going!
  10. Ok, here are some numbers used: +441138876876 6 texts sent +447904712359 +447904712278 +447535246323 +447718754670 +447950474410 +447940505602 +447702873821 +447718754681 +447718754685 +447940505559 +447718754683 +447718754699 +447702873713 +447702873802 +447702873854 +447702873788 +447718754689 +447797800314 - this text was to inform me the debt had been sold to them! When did texting become a legal means of notification? I only appear to have 3 phone numbers: 02078706877 01138876876 01138879777 Hope this is useful x
  11. I have a diary full of phone numbers, text messages, transcripts of automated calls / voicemail etc. No original calls etc recorded but hubby did speak to them & put a rocket up their phone monkeys bottom when they breached dpa to an ex trading standards enforcement officer! Stressful as it was, I did wee a little bit laughing at that! Will try & get the transcripts etc to you asap x
  12. Ok, and how about the likes of provident? Or cash converters? They only seem to appear on credit files if you default! Methinks a huge can of worms may be getting opened if we dig deep enough.....
  13. Dammit! Got lots of emails detailing various spurious charges IF I was to default but have lost the ones with reference to credit files! Must have happened when my email acc changed!
  14. I'm sure I've got some emails from cash genie which mention credit files being improved by repaying on time..... Will check my trash file for you x
  15. As far as I know, PIP is taking over from DLA so it looks like it's due to you claiming ESA in the past. Severe Disablement benefit is something different.
  16. Have to keep an eye on this as my mortgage is paratus & linked to libor...mm.
  17. Hi hun, have you tried www.jobs.nhs.gov at all? That's the nhs job site.
  18. Mmf & RoboShane threatening to collect my doorstep! And disclosing info to my hubby! I wasn't even there at the time!
  19. I'm currently chilling with a glass of alcohol laughing at eurovision, spending precious time with hubby before he goes away to work on Monday. Monday nights action plan is this: Crank up the laptop & fire off email complaints to oft, fos & anyone who will listen. A letter to the fools denying any knowledge of any debt to them. CCA request to get them to do some real work. A letter before action demanding the harassment stop immediately. Another revocation of implied rights. And I think, for fun, a schedule of fees that will be applied in the event that they contact me again without substantiating their claim! I'm gona bombard them with as many individual letters I can possibly create. Copies will go via their freepost addy, email & the main ones via recorded delivery. Let's see what happens then!
  20. This letter your wife received appears to be their standard template response to anyone revoking implied right of access. They sent me the same via email. I'm also being harassed by them and am compiling records of all calls & texts received from them. Today alone, there has been 3 or 4 missed calls on my mobile & 4 calls to my housephone, leaving messages from Shane the robot. All between the hours of 9am & 2pm! Their autodialler must have been smoking today!
  21. I think they got merged as they are related to the same alleged debt.
  22. Thanks brig but I saw off mil collections a while ago & now its mmf. The threads got merged x
  23. Will get onto that tomorrow - I'm working today & have had 3 missed calls to my mobile number alone since 9am! God knows how many to my landline! Christ only knows what I'm gona walk into with hubby tonight after work! I've got a diary log going already with all the texts & numbers etc
  24. Sorry! They backtracked when hubby asked why they had disclosed this to him.
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