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  1. Hi all. Used to work for a Company where I was a contact for ADT alarm call outs. Left there in December 2007, as the MD started making my life hell. Anyway last week I got an automated call at 3am, 3.25am and 3.45am about an alarm, which I didn't manage to answer in time, I eventually answered and cancelled one at 4.15am. Tonight I got the same automated call at 7.50pm and just now received another which I managed to answer and there was a woman on the end saying could I respond to an alarm call for the Company. Now I'm under the impression my details should have been removed when I left and surely them not removing must break some kind of code eg Data Protection. Anyone know what/who I can contact as I don't really want to contact my old Company. Thanks
  2. I understand that it is a legal requirement to receive an annual statement of account. What happens if this is not received annually?
  3. It's my partners account, but its basically a Credit Card with Nationwide. She had been paying a nominal amount to Roxburghe who wanted her to increase. Sent off a CCA request, to which they sent back a rather bad copy of the signature sheet of someone else's account. It looked like they had sent the CCA from an account and swapped a couple of numbers (eg xxxxx09 rather than xxxxx90), so we put the account in dispute as they hadn't sent the correct info. This was about a year ago. Couple of months ago Westcot started chasing, so sent them the passed account while in dispute letter. Got the usual we will look into it letter back. Now have just had a letter from Nelson Guest & Partners saying we have 10 days to pay or else blah blah.
  4. The original DCA was Roxburghe, who received the you have not complied with CCA request. The account was then passed to Westcot, and they were sent the "passed while in dispute" letter informing them it was still in dispute with Nationwide/Roxburghe.
  5. Hi all, some advice please. Credit Card with Nationwide, was initially being chased by Roxburghe. Sent them a CCA request and they responded with an agreement from someone else's account, so sent account in dispute letter, but not told them that it was someone else's agreement. Since been passed to Westcot, sent them the passed account letter. Have now received a letter from Nelson Guest & Partners Solicitors acting on behalf of Westcot wanting a response within 10 days. Do I simply send Nelson Guest and or Westcot a copy of the passed account letter? Does this continued collection activity need reporting to someone?
  6. They want me to pay up or else! I'm also not allowed to contact the o/c. Its not a problem at the moment, another DCA had this account and went away without me doing anything. Nothing that I can't handle, just interested on peoples thoughts about their blatant lying on letters.
  7. Any suggestions as to what I should say to OFT?
  8. year is 2011 It was in a UK mail "S" postage envelope. Coincedentally, I also received a letter from the creditor as well today dated 8 July 2011 saying it had been assigned to Freds. Its one which would appear to be created by Freds as the logo is just a laser image and has no other detail you would normally expect on a letterhead, such as their address etc
  9. Have received today 11 July a letter from Fredricksons dated 11 July. Now either they have magic post facilities, or it has deliberately been incorrectly dated. Is this legal?
  10. Just had a quick thought and would like to get other people's views. With a number of Banks now saying they will repay mis-sold PPI does this now mean that the Banks need to send a true copy of a CCA request, rather than the reconstituted ones such as those Lloyds send out, which although meet the CCA requirements, do not contain a true copy of the original signed agreement. Question is should these Banks now be sending out true copies rather than these reconstituted "statements" and if so what can we as consumers do?
  11. Could it be that it is nothing to do with the phone at all? I would suggest answering and asking them what its about.
  12. Point 2.12 also states: Examples of unfair practices are: e. not leaving a property when asked to By sending a letter saying they are not welcome surely infers that you are asking them to leave prior to them coming!
  13. What a load of old crock. If you are unemployed the maximum a Judge would possibly order you to pay is £1 per month. STOP TALKING TO THESE FOOLS ON THE PHONE. Send them the "communicate in writing" letter. Wait for the CCA deadline 12+2 days, send the "in dispute" letter if you get nothing back, then stop the payments to them. Unemployment Benefit is for the recipient to survive, not pay back a greedy DCA!!! :-x
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